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/// Alyssa's POV///

I stared at the moon goddess, there was no way that I was her daughter. She's joking but a part of me wanted to believe it.

I laughed, " No. You can't be my mom. That's impossible. The Moon Goddess doesn't have a mate and doesn't fall in love."

Annabelle, " No, Alyssa I'm serious! I'm your mother."

Me, " You can't be my mother, I have a mother and father who are on a business trip."

Annabelle, " Yeah, that business trip was to catch the murderer and instead they got killed."

Me, " You don't know that!" I accused.

Annabelle, " I know when mates die."

Me, " Murderer? What murderer?"

Annabelle sighed, " The man who killed..."

Me, " Your the moon goddess, no one can kill you."

Annabelle, " Well he did. His name is Gunshot."

Me, " What happened?"

Annabelle, " Your brother will tell you."

I shrieked, " Brother! I have a real, biological brother!!!!"

Annabelle smiled, " Yes. He has been watching over you ever since my death. That's how you ended up with your fake family. His name is Ace."

Me, " Ace? Yay I have a real brother! Where is he?" I asked looking around.

Annabelle sniffled, " He's dead."

I grew silent, " Oh... How did he die?" I had so many questions but she seemed to be avoiding most of them.

Annabelle, " He will tell you everything in your past, and what happened. Right now your pack, friends, and mate need you." she reassured.

Me, " They are going to war... against the rogue pack."

Annabelle, " Yes. They are fighting against Gunshot. He has more power than ever and he needs to be brought down once again."

Jackson had his thumb and finger under his chin, " I agree, but how can we kill him? No one can kill him."

Annabelle had a sly smile, " Your right, no one can kill him. But my daughter can."

I was shocked, " How?"

Annabelle pulled something out of thin air. It was in a black box, she opened it. She pulled out a silver dagger, with skulls on the handle. There was tiny red skulls, on the silver part.

Annabelle, " Here. Use this. This is the only thing that can kill Gunshot. Stab it through his heart." She handed it to me.

I nodded, " I won't let you down... mom or Annabelle or moon goddess." I got up, " Jackson. We are going to help our pack."

He phased into his wolf. I gave my mom/Annabelle/moon goddess. GOD! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO CALL HER! SO CONFUSING!

I climbed onto his back and he sped out of the cave. I clutched the knife to my chest, Gunshot will be the guy that I will kill. Jackson ran faster down the mountain, he stopped on a boulder and looked down.

The war was already starting. There were wolves and men scattered everywhere, to my left as a very large man. He was standing on rocks like a King on a throne. His guards next to him. I was guessing that the man was Gunshot, he had a black obsidian staff in his right hand.

Jackson, " The war has started. We are too late." he mind linked me.

Me, " No! We're never too late! We can still do this!" I growled. He sprinted off towards the war.

'I'm coming for you Sam. I won't let you down. And Gunshot, you better watch out, for I'm coming to kill you. Stronger than ever!' I thought.

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