12: You Can Say

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           After the day of the wedding, the news spread quickly across Japan. Rikako Aida had refused to get married because she was in love with a fan. Although this wasn't necessarily true, considering how she wasn't sure of her feelings yet, the news led to other rumors that were far from the truth.
              Her fans sent death threats and posted pictures of them burning photos of her on social media. Almost all of her fans were emotionally torn to the news. No one knew about the arranged wedding until after the incident, but that would've likely bothered them less compared to recent news.
               Someone who was at the same level as them had managed to steal the goddess's heart. Who was this person? No one outside of the wedding really knew since the security guards had successfully blocked out the paparazzi.
              On social media, there were pictures of random male Love Live fans that could've been the lucky one. All of them were handsome men who attended the concerts often. Little did they know that the one who caught her attention was an eighteen year old girl.
            I woke up to the sound of my phone blowing up. Not literally, but there were so many notifications that I think it might actually explode. I lazily rolled off of my bed and walked over to my desk. I unlocked my phone and called my aunt. She picked up after the first ring. Before I could answer, a loud squeal was heard from the other end of the line.
"I don't have a girlfriend! At least not yet..."
                "She refused to get married just for you!!!" The woman exclaimed.
                 "There could've been other reasons why she refused..."
                "Stop being so negative! Your favorite voice actress pretty much agreed to date you!"
She's right. Maybe I should celebrate a little
                 I smiled,"Yeah, you're right."
                 "That's my girl! It looks like I have to go. Tell me when you're holding the wedding~"
                 The line went dead before I could say anything. Sighing, I decided to go shower.
Maybe I should go shopping for some snacks to celebrate
               Later, I drove to the grocery store. The store was packed with people since it was Sunday. I walked down the aisle, but stopped when I saw a familiar face.
The shorter girl looked up at me,"Y/n! I didn't expect to see you here!"
"I'm just here buying some snacks. I was planning on watching a movie at home. Wanna join me?" I offered.
"Sure! I just need to drop off these at my house," she said, pointing at her basket.
We went our separate ways as traveled to the other aisles to pick up some snacks. After we paid for our items, we met outside.
"Ready to go?" Mayu asked.
I smiled,"Yup."
We walked to her house first before going to my apartment. When we arrived at my place, I unlocked the door and entered first. She followed me in and closed the door behind her. I placed the snacks on the table and grabbed the tv remote.
I turned around and asked, "What do you wanna watch?"
"I'm okay with whatever," she replied.
"School Idol Movie it is," I grinned. "Do you want some tea?"
"Yeah, that sounds good."
She sat on the couch as I walked into the kitchen. I pulled out a bottle of tea and poured it into two cups with ice in them. When I walked back, I handed her the glass of tea.
"Thanks," she smiled.
"Ready to watch some idols?"
Mayu laughed,"I was born ready."
I started the movie and sat down next to her. I handed her a bag of (s/n), which she happily accepted.
"Honoka-chan!" A younger version of Kotori exclaimed.
She's so cute
Suddenly, my phone rang. I quickly apologized to Mayu as she paused the movie. I walked to another room and answered the phone.
"Hello, are you busy today, Y/n? I was wondering if you would like to do something together," the goddess spoke.
My heart raced at the sound of her voice,"Um...you can come over if you'd like. I'm watching a movie with Mayu right now."
"Alright. I'll be over in ten minutes."
Mayu looked up when I returned,"Who was that?"
"It was Rikako. She's coming over soon."
"I see," she answered monotonously.
"Is something wrong?" I frowned.
She shook her head,"No. I just didn't want to wait to watch school idols sing and dance."
"Don't worry! She'll be here soon," I grinned.
After a while, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to reveal a smiling Rikako.
"Come on in," I stepped out of the way. "Do you want some tea?"
She nodded and removed her shoes while I ran into the kitchen to pour her some tea. When I came back, I handed her the cold glass and sat between the two women. I handed Rikako the bag of snacks and started the movie.
"Of course you would be watching this," Rikako commented.
"I love it though."
"I'm not complaining," she giggled.
We watched the movie silently. Throughout the movie, Rikako would snuggle closer to me, while Mayu would rest her head on my shoulder. During the scene where Honoka encounters the mysterious lady, the goddess slipped her hand into mine.
I tried my best to not tense up, but failed miserably. I tried to relax as I intertwined our hands. Eventually, I relaxed and found comfort in her warmth.
I felt like the luckiest person on earth. To be able to sit next to Rikako like this and to hold her hand like this, was all I ever wanted. I smiled as I stared at the screen. She gave me all the motivation I ever needed just by simply smiling.
I gently squeezed her hand and glanced at her. Her eyes glowed as she watched the creation of her seniors. I smiled as I leaned in and placed a kiss on her cheek.

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