3: You Were The One

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"Y/n?" The goddess spoke.
"H-How do you know my name?" I stuttered.
The second she said my name, everything fell into place. How was I too stupid to notice?
It can't be her....it can't be...
"Excuse me. Can you please hurry this up? There are other fans waiting," One of the staff informed us.
"Oh, of course. Let's talk about this later Y/n. I'll text you once I'm finished," she smiled.
I took a step away from her and walked towards the other lines.
Maybe I'll go meet Suwawa
I walked around until I found my way to Suwawa's line. This line was just as long as the others.
Another long wait...
Eventually, I found myself at the front of the line.
I walked up to the harem queen. Her skin was so pale and her hair was tied up like Kanan's. She's just as cute in person.
"Hello," I smiled.
"Hello," she replied.
"Can I hug you? Or would that make the other fans jealous?" I joked.
"Um, sure," she answered.
She spread out her arms as I hugged her from across the table.
So soft and warm
When we pulled apart, I pulled out a pen and paper.
"Um...before I have to go, can I have your autograph?" I asked.
"Sure," she smiled.
I handed her the pen and paper. I watched as she signed the piece of paper. Once she was done, she handed me back the materials.
             "Thank you. Bye," I grinned happily.
             I walked away from the idols and realized that they were closing up the meet and greet. Luckily I saw Rikako and Suwawa before they did.
My throat was kind of dry, so I went to go look for something to drink. Outside, there was a cart selling Love Live themed drinks. I stood in line until it was my time to order.
"Hello! What would you like to order?" The cashier asked.
"Can I have a Riko Sakurauchi drink please?"
"That will be ($$$) yen please."
I handed the cashier the money as he turned around to hand me a drink that seemed to be prepared already.
"Thank you," I said as I walked around the area.
             I heard a sound come from my pocket, so I pulled out my phone and saw a message from Aida-san, who is apparently the idol I have the hugest crush on.
Aida-senpai: Where are you? I'm in the nearby park. Can we meet there?
Y/n: Yeah, of course. I'll be there in a bit.
I slid my phone back into my pocket and ran over to the park that I saw on my way to the concert. In a minute or two, I found myself in the park. I have to admit. It's not easy running with a bunch of items in your backpack. Not only that, but I was struggling not to drop my drink. I quickly caught my breath as I walked around the quiet park. It was nighttime after all. There shouldn't be anyone here.
              After a while, I noticed a small light shining nearby. I got closer until I saw a figure sitting on a bench. I recognized that beauty anywhere. Well, I can't really say that since I didn't know that Rikako was Aida-san this whole time. I took a step closer towards the woman. My breath was taken away the second she turned around. She gave me a halfhearted smile when I took a seat next to her. My face heated up at the thought of being so close to her.
I didn't think that we would ever meet. I can't believe it...I've been talking to her this whole time...
              She laughed,"No need to be so nervous. Let's just talk like we normally do."
             I calmed down my nerves and smiled,"I never really had to talk to you in person, except for on the first day we met."
            "Yeah," Rikako agreed.
           "So...would you like to start?" I asked.
           "Yeah," she replied. "On the day when we met, I was actually sick. I was surprised that even though everyone avoided me, you actually sat with me."
           I sat there in awe. I was interested to see how this story ends.
           "Sure, it really wasn't that big of a deal, but I still had a lot of fun talking to you. We just clicked, like soulmates or something," she laughed. "Okay, maybe not as far as soulmates, but it was fun."
             I chuckled,"Yeah it was really fun."
"Before I knew it, I actually gave you my number. You could've been a crazy fan who happened to recognize me and wanted my number. Like a stalker or something."
"A stalker?" I laughed.
"I didn't mean I thought you were!" She giggled.
I stopped laughing after a while,"Continue."
"Apparently, I was right. You were a fan, but you clearly didn't recognize me," she continued. "I didn't know you would be the first fan I would give my number to."
"What do we do now?" I asked.
             We sat in silence as we each thought of a solution to this mess. Truth was, I wasn't thinking about a solution. I was just cherishing the time I had with her. Who knows? Maybe she'll suddenly decide to stay away from me.
"I think we're fine just the way we are," she finally said.
I looked at her in surprise. Of course I'm happy too, but I didn't expect her to say that.
"You knew me as a person before you knew me as an idol. No one said a voice actress couldn't be friends with her fans," she turned towards me with a smile on her face. "Also, I enjoy spending time with you."
"Wouldn't the other fans be jealous?" I asked.
"Then it will be our secret. It's not like they recognize every fan."
"I guess you're right," I replied. "I'm glad we can still talk like this."
"I am too."
"Hey..." I called.
"Will you still give me that tour?" I asked.
"Of course," she smiled.
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