21: But I Love You

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Have you guys seen the samples for the Rikako photo book? Cuz oof they are hot. Also I guess I lied. One more update for you guys ~
"Suwawa, is the coast clear?"
"Yeah, come on."
I snuck my way over to the closet where Suwawa was waiting. I looked around as I ran to make sure no one noticed me. Once I made it into the closet successfully, I shut the door behind us.
"Do you have the items?" I asked.
"Yeah, here you go." She handed me a headset and a different outfit to change in.
"Damn. I'm surprised they didn't notice this missing."
"What can I say? I'm good at sneaking around," Suwawa chuckled.
"I don't know whether to be impressed or concerned," I laughed quietly.
I quickly changed into the outfit and put on the headset.
"Are you sure this is going to work?" I asked.
"Your aunt handled everything. I'm sure you'll be fine. Just don't turn on the mic yet, otherwise they'll find us."
I nodded and grabbed my bag, handing it to her. She took it and slightly opened the door. Signaling me that it was safe to leave, I ran out of the closet and scurried down the hall. I stopped before I turned the corner. I heard a few voices nearby. I recognized them to be Arisha and Anchan.
"Where's Suwawa?" Anchan asked.
"I don't know. She changed into her outfit quickly and left as soon as she came."
"We need to find her soon. The show's about to start."
The sound of footsteps got louder, letting me know that they were getting closer.
Shit, I need to get out of here
I looked around and saw a room. I quickly ran inside and shut the door quietly. I heard them walk by, their voices suddenly getting louder. They probably found Suwawa. Sighing in relief, I waited until I knew for sure they were gone. Then, I opened the door again and shut it behind me, continuing to sneak towards my destination.
I turned around so fast, I'm surprised that I didn't snap my neck. Ainya stood behind me, clearly confused as to what I was doing here.
I put a finger to my lips,"Please don't let anyone know I'm here. It's supposed to be a surprise."
"It's about Rikako, isn't it?"
I nodded silently.
"I won't tell anyone," She smiled. "Just promise me you don't mess up again. I don't like seeing the two of you like this."
"I mess up a lot, so I can't promise you that. I can promise you that I won't ever intentionally hurt her," I grinned.
"Good. Now go. I'll try to cover for you."
"Thank you," I whispered.
I ran down the hall and successfully found my way backstage. The staff members didn't seem to notice me, since they were busy preparing for the concert. Ainya directed me towards an area that was practically empty. We quietly snuck over there without anyone noticing.
"If you pull the lever, this will elevate you to the stage," She explained. "We won't be using this for the concert, so no one should notice you here."
I nodded, letting her know that I understood. She left to prepare for her performance, while I waited patiently for the signal.
                    "When I give you the signal, I want you to get on stage, turn on your mic, and say what you need to say," My aunt explained.
                     "What if security gets me off the stage before then?" I asked.
                      "Don't worry. I got a couple of friends who can help," She reassured me.
                       I hid quietly, hoping that no one would walk by here. Suddenly, I heard some music playing. Then, I heard the sound of Aqours going up the stage. I listened to the sound of the concert going on above me.
                       "Hey you."
                      I jumped a little in surprise as I noticed one of the staff members in front of me. She looked about my age, but maybe a little older. It was strange how she spoke to me in English.
                      "Don't worry. Your aunt told me to bring you your guitar," She said, handing me the instrument.
                    "Thank you."
                     She simply nodded and walked away. I examined the guitar, wondering why my aunt wanted me to have this with me. I thought for a bit before coming to a conclusion. I closed my eyes and tried to calm my racing heart. I was nervous; extremely nervous. Was I prepared to do this?
                    Suddenly, there was a loud noise. It sounded like a large confetti popper. The music stopped playing, likely because everyone was confused.
Aunt: Go
                    I quickly pulled the lever, elevating myself up onto the stage. I turned on my headset and waited until I was on the stage. I nervously looked back at the crowd of people that were staring at me. Everyone looked extremely confused, except for Suwawa and Ainya.
                     My aunt suddenly came onto the stage, placing a microphone for the guitar,"Almost forgot."
                      She ran back off the stage as the security guards chased after her. Meanwhile the other security guards were held back by a group of people.
                     I took a deep breath and glanced at Rikako, who's eyes were full of mixed emotions. I strummed my guitar, playing the tune to my favorite song.

             I opened my mouth and sang,"Thank you very much for choosing me this time. Before use please read the instruction manual carefully. Please always handle me with proper care. One sticking point is that I will not be able to accept returns. Thank you for understanding."
                Everyone watched in awe. I was nervous at first, but I wasn't nervous anymore. I sung with confidence.
                "Sometimes I'll get in a bad mood all of a sudden, even though when you ask me why I won't be able to answer. I'll get angry if you leave me alone. I'm sorry for that every time, but when that happens please never learn your lesson and stay with me until the end."
                I looked her in the eye and sung my feelings for her. It's cheesy, I know, but I can't think of any other way to express myself.
                "If when I get a little older, you're attracted to different things, remember that day when we first met. From now on let's get along together, okay? This is how I am but please laugh and forgive me, okay? Please take care of me always, okay?
Because I have a lifetime guarantee."
                When I finished the song, the venue went silent. Suddenly, they applauded loudly. Suwawa and Ainya smiled happily.
                 "Why did you do all of this?" She spoke, tears forming in her eyes.
                 "Because..." I started, tears forming in my eyes as well. "When I saw you, I didn't know you were the one, until you made me feel like I could do anything, but then things changed. I can't save you, but I'll try, until the day you can say 'I love you', so I will learn from my mistakes. I'm sorry. I'm an idiot...but I love you."
                  She stood there silently with her tears rolling down her cheeks. I could feel my tears overflowing as well. She ran up to me and jumped into my arms. I held her close and kissed her passionately. The audience cheered in the background as we were lost in a world of our own. When we pulled apart and embraced each other.
                 "I'm sorry, Y/n. I love you too. You are the first person to make me feel like this. I'm so sorry."
                  I shook my head,"No, I'm sorry for saying those things. I was just worried about your career, but I can't stand not being with you. Please be my girlfriend. I don't want to lose you ever again."
                   She nodded,"Yes."
                  Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around a saw a security guard behind me. I looked back at Rikako and grinned nervously.
                  "Guess I gotta go. I'll see you later?"
                  She smiled and kissed me one last time,"Yeah."
                  I was escorted outside by the security guard and found my aunt sitting by herself. She looked up at me and stood up quickly.
                   "How did it go?" She asked.
                   "The plan went perfectly!" I exclaimed.
                    "That's great! I told you my plans are amazing!" She replied, hugging me. "I wonder if it would've been fine if you just met up with her and talked to her normally."
                    "Wait...you mean I didn't have to perform in front of all those people?!"
                    She laughed nervously and ran away.
                   I sat down at the table, with a drink in my hand. I looked outside, waiting for her to show up. She had to take care of a lot of things before she could leave the venue. Suddenly, the door opened, revealing the tired-looking beauty. She took a seat in front of me and smiled.
                   "Did you wait long?" She asked.
                   I shook my head, "I haven't been here that long. I don't mind waiting for you."
                   She smiled,"Did you mean what you said?"
                   "Every single word."
                   "I'm not getting married," She said. "Yes, I did let my mom put me in the system, but I just told her that I didn't want to anymore, so you don't need to worry about that. You are mine and I'm yours."
                   I grinned,"I'm glad."
                   "I'm sorry I was so harsh to you. I was hurt as well," She apologized.
                   "It's all behind us now. We can start over again," I replied.
                   She smiled and planted her lips on mine.
                   "Shall we go? It's getting late."
                   She nodded as we left the Starbucks together, hand in hand.


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