7: But Then

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When I arrived at the university, I was greeted by Mayu-san and a tall boy. He had black hair and dark eyes. His hands were in his pockets and he clearly looked like he wasn't here to have fun.
               "I assume you're Y/n L/n?" He spoke.
                "And I assume you're the one who sent me that threat?"
                "Correct," he chuckled. "I've seen what you've done and I won't let it continue."
                   "What exactly have I done? You're just a jealous immature child."
He laughed,"Am I? Why don't you listen to me for a second? All I'm asking is for you to stay away from Rikyako."
"And I refuse," I retorted.
The bell rung before he could say another word.
"We will speak later on," he said.
"We'll see about that," I replied. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get to class. It was nice meeting you."
"I'm sure it wasn't."
"It wasn't," I admitted before I walked away.
I began walking to my class, but was suddenly stopped by a soft hand. I turned around and looked at the shy girl.
"Um...I'm sorry about Dai-kun earlier," Mayu said softly.
"No need to apologize for him. I'm sorry but I really need to get to class. We can talk later if you want. Bye."
I slipped my hand out of hers and made my way to class. I didn't even get the guy's name, but he made me mad for some reason. Maybe I'm just being selfish. It's understandable that he was jealous. Rikako is amazing and wonderful in every way. There are so many people out there that loved her and I just happened to be one of them. I would also get jealous if I was in his shoes.
                The bell rung, signaling the start of lunch time. I hadn't realized that I spent half of the day unconsciously walking to my classes with all these thoughts weighing on my mind. I sat alone as I tried to gather all of my thoughts. I didn't bother eating, since I didn't feel hungry.
What am I supposed to do?
              I looked at my phone and contemplated whether or not I should text her. Before I knew it, I was already typing out what to say.
Y/n: Hey, are you free?
                It took a while until she replied.
Rikako: Yeah I'm not that busy today. Just a few things here and there. Why?
Y/n: Can you come to my place in a couple of hours? I wanna talk face to face and you know we can't talk in public.
Rikako: Sure I'll be there.
Y/n: Okay, here's my address. (Address)
              "Um, can we talk?" A familiar voice asked.
                I looked up from my phone and saw the black-haired girl standing in front of me.
                   "Sure, what is it?"
                  "It's about Dai-kun," Mayu answered. "I'm truly sorry about him."
                 "Why are you hanging around a guy like that anyway?"
                 I was curious to know why she would be around such a shady guy.
               "He...is my brother. We only have each other. Our parents never bothered to take care of us, so we took care of ourselves. Once we were old enough, we moved out and live together," she explained. "Our grandma left us enough money to go to college, so we used that. We each have jobs too, so we can pay for the apartment."
                 I hugged her as she began to cry. After a while, she gently pushed me away.
                  "I'm sorry for saying so much. I just came here to apologize," she awkwardly laughed.
                  "No it's perfectly fine," I reassured her.
               After what happened during lunch, Mayu told me that she would try to stop Dai from continuing to threaten me. She gave me her number in case I wanted to know what was going on with Dai.
                Now, I was at home, waiting for Rikako to knock on my door. Of course, having a goddess come to your house was a big deal, so I made sure everything was cleaned up and perfect before she arrived. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door, so I rushed to the mirror and checked myself first before opening the door.
                  She appeared in a striped dress that suited her very well. I couldn't help but blush at how beautiful she looked. She has never failed to amaze me.
                "What is it? You've been staring for quite a while," she giggled. "Do you like my new dress that much? I just bought it."
                 "Yeah. You look breathtaking," I admitted.
                 "May I come in?"
               I shook off my thoughts,"Oh! Y-yeah of course."
              She stepped in and removed her shoes.
She's inside my house!!!
               "Let me go make some tea," I said.
                "Thank you," she smiled.
              My heart raced at the sight as I nervously made my way into the kitchen. I began to prepare the tea as I also looked inside the cabinet for snacks. I pulled out some (s/n) and brought them over to the coffee table once the tea was finished. I sat down in front of the older woman and looked up at her.
              "What is it that you wanted to talk about?" She asked.
                "I met the person who threatened me and if anything he seems pretty harmless," I informed her.
                She frowned slightly,"What did he say?"
               "He didn't say much, but he doesn't seem like someone we need to worry about."
                 Her eyes made contact with mine as she gently held my hand,"Thank you for telling me this."
"I-it's nothing," I shrugged, averting my eyes.
I gently squeezed her hand,"I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you."
She smiled as we just stayed like that for a while. I tried to stop my heart from racing so fast, but I was clearly failing. Her hands were so soft and warm. I was scared to let go. She didn't let go. All we did was look at each other, while our hands were glued together. She suddenly stood up, her hand slipped away from mine, seeming to be a bit flustered.
"I'm sorry, but I think I should get going. I just remembered that I had an appointment."
"Uh yeah, okay. I'll see you again some other time?"
"Y-yes. Thank you so much for the tea and the information on this," she said as I followed her to the door.
She slipped on her shoes and took a step outside, "Once again, thank you. Bye!"
She waved as she made her way down the hall. I returned the gesture and continued to watch her until she was out of sight. I closed the door and jumped onto my couch. I covered my face with a pillow and cringed.
Why did I do that? Was it too much? I probably creeped her out!!!
I removed the pillow from my face and sat up.
She held my hand and I held hers. Should I have?

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