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"Wow," I gazed at the falling petals in awe. "I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing these flowers when they bloom."
"Should we go again next year?" She asked.
"Yeah!" I grinned.
We walked around, looking at all the petals falling. It was very peaceful. I felt relaxed just looking at them. After we decided that we had enough, we left the park.
"Thanks for bringing me here Rikako."
"You're welcome, but don't start thanking me just yet. This tour isn't over," she smiled.
"I can't wait to see where else you'll take me."
"That sounds like a lot of pressure," she nervously laughed.
I turned towards her, "Come on, you're an idol! You can handle it!"
She smiled as she lead me down the road and down an alleyway.
"You're not planning to kill me, are you?" I gasped dramatically.
She hit my arm lightly,"Of course not!"
I laughed as we continued walking. Eventually, we were standing in front of a restaurant.
              "It may seem a bit old, but I think the food here is great. The owners are very kind too," she said.
               "Then, shall we go in?" I asked.
             She nodded as I opened the door for her. She thanked me as she walked inside.
               "Table for two? Let me lead you to your table," the waiter said. "Someone will come to take your order when you're ready."
                We took a seat and watched as the waiter left us alone. I looked around the restaurant. It was a comforting place even though it was pretty crowded. I looked back to the goddess who sat across from me. Her eyes were focused on the menu in front of her.
How lucky I am to be eating with her? Isn't this...a date...?
                My cheeks warmed up at the thought of a date with Rikako.
Don't get ahead of yourself Y/n! This is just a friendly date! She's just showing you around!
                 "Did you pick anything yet?"
                 Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.
                "Um...I think I'll have this," I said as I pointed at a menu item.
                 "Oh, (m/i)? That's one of my favorites!" She smiled.
                I picked up the glass of water that I didn't even notice I had in front of me and drank from it.
                 Suddenly, a waitress walked up to us,"Are you ready to order?"
                 Rikako spoke for me,"Yes, we are."
                  After she took our order, we were left in silence. The silence wasn't awkward. I actually felt comfortable. I gently tapped my fingers against the table, tapping to the beat of Shadow Gate to Love. I glanced at her and found her eyes glued to mine. I quickly looked away even though I wanted that moment to last longer. When I looked back at her again, her eyes had wandered off somewhere else.
              I broke the silence,"So...do you come here often?"
              "Is that a pickup line?" She giggled.
                "Wha- no!" I exclaimed.
              "Hey, I'm just kidding," she grinned. "But yes, I do come here often."
                I calmed down a bit,"That's cool."
               The waiter interrupted our short conversation,"Here is your meal. One m/i and one m/i. Enjoy your meal!" (No they are not the same thing, since m/i means menu item. Actually idk up to your imagination)
               He happily walked back into the kitchen as we were left alone with our food.
                "Let's eat," she said.
                 "Yup," I smiled.
                In unison, we said,"Thanks for the food."
                  Then, we finally ate our meals. The flavor of the food was phenomenal. It was probably one of the best meals I've ever had. Afterwards, we fought over who should pay the meal and after I won, we found ourselves back outside. We walked around some more and before we knew it, the sun was beginning to set. We were back, near the park, since I told her that my car was still parked there.
                "Did you have fun today?" Rikako asked.
                "Definitely!" I grinned brightly.
                 "I'm glad," she smiled.
                 "Can we do this again some time?" I waited for an answer with hope.
                   "Of course, if I have the time," she replied.
                 I smiled as we stood in front of my car in silence.
"Well, I guess I should be going now," she said.
"Bye Y/n!"
Just as she started walking away, I found myself reaching for her hand. I grabbed her warm, soft, smaller hand, causing her to turn around and face me.
"What is it Y/n?" She asked.
"Let me drive you home."
"I'll be fine," she smiled.
"The trains might not be running at this time," I insisted. "Let me take you home."
She let out a sigh and smiled once again,"Alright."
I grinned as I opened the door for her. She thanked me as she stepped into my car. I closed the door and ran over to the driver's side. I stepped in, closing the door, and started the car. She showed me the directions to her house and I drove her home.
Once we arrived, she stepped out of the car and leaned forward back into the car.
"Thank you for driving me home."
My cheeks grew slightly warm,"No problem."
"We'll do this again some other time, okay? I promise," she smiled.
"Yeah," I grinned brightly.
"Goodnight Y/n."
"Goodnight Rikako."
She closed the door and I watched as she stepped into the house. She turned around to wave to me one last time before she closed the door behind her. I stayed and watched awhile before driving home. The second I arrived at my apartment, I jumped in joy and rolled around in my bed happily.
Today was the best day ever!!!
I smiled to myself as I hugged my Riko plushie. I flashed back to my day with Rikako. I thought about all the things we did today with my heart beating faster than usual.
I don't think this is a crush anymore... I don't think I like her anymore...
I think I love her...

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