30: Pull Us Apart

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             The venue was filled with white and sakura pink. Pink and white balloons floated by the chairs, with the string tied onto the seats to keep them from flying away. There were roses on each side of the stage.
           The bright red carpet stood out in the middle of the room and separated the two seating sections. The carpet led from the entrance to the stage, where the bride and bride would stand.
            The guests had yet to arrive as the two brides were preparing for their wedding. Y/n was in the dressing room, putting on the white (gown/tux) that she purchased a week before their wedding day.
I prefer gown in this case but I'll leave it up to you ( ' ' )
              In a different room, Rikako was also putting on her gown. The dress was long, but didn't quite touch the ground. Her hair was put up in a low bun and her bangs still covered her forehead. Her hair was also styled to have a crown braid which suited her perfectly.
              A knock on the door made Rikako turn towards the source of the sound.
               "Who is it?" She asked.  
               "It's me," Her mother spoke.
               Her mother quietly opened the door and gasped at the sight of her daughter. She was so proud. Her daughter was breathtaking and reminded her so much of herself when she was younger. She felt regretful. She tried to tear the strong couple apart when they were no different than she was with her own husband. Tears escaped her eyes, but she quickly wiped them away with the back of her hand.
                 "Mom!" Rikako exclaimed as she took a few quick steps to hug her mother.
                 She smiled widely and pulled away,"What are you doing here?"
                 "I'm here to help my daughter get ready of course! My God, let me look at you."
                 The young bride did a slow spin to show off her gown. Her mother couldn't stop smiling.
                 "You remind me so much of myself when I was marrying your father."
                  "Yes. This dress just looks perfect on you. You look much more beautiful than I did when I wore it."
                   "Thank you," Rikako looked down at her dress and back at her mother.
                   "Are you nervous?"
                   "Extremely, but I've never been more sure in my life."
                   "I love you."
                   "I love you too, Mom."

                   In the other room, your aunt was helping you style your hair.
                   "My baby's all grown up!" Your aunt sobbed loudly as she brushed your hair.
                   "Stop crying! Or I'm gonna start crying!"
                   "I'm just so proud!"
                   You chuckled and looked at yourself in the mirror. Your (tux/dress) fit you perfectly and your hair was styled to perfection. Everything was just perfect. It really was your wedding day.
                   "Did I make you cry?" Your aunt worried as tears streamed down your cheeks.
                   "I'm just so happy!" You balled.
                   "Oh my goodness. We're both messes. Let's clean ourselves up before you get out there."
You agreed with a nod and tried to find your composure. You followed your aunt to the bathroom and washed your face. Your hands shook as they made contact with the water. You were sure of your decision, but sometimes you worry if Rikako was as sure.
What if she gets cold feet?
You shook off the thought and remembered what the two of you went through together. The memories came to you all at once.
The time when you first approached her, only to realize she was your favorite idol when you met her again at a meet and greet. Then there was the time when you attended her wedding and helped her break off a marriage she didn't want to be in.
Dai really crashed that wedding
You chuckled to yourself as you remembered how he got carried away by security. There was also the moment when you first sang in front of a large audience to win her back.
It felt like it was just yesterday when the two of you first kissed. Now, you were getting married to the love of your life. Everything felt just right.
You walked out of the bathroom and heard your aunt calling your name. You knew it was time to go out and make all of your feelings official. The door opened and your aunt led you to the stage, where your friends and in-laws were waiting.
Rikako wanted to be the one to walk down the aisle. You didn't mind, because you knew that she had someone to walk her down the aisle, while you unfortunately, did not. Well, there was your aunt, but she was too busy taking pictures and filming the special event.
Your parents never came around. They still hated the idea of you being with a woman and gave up on trying to get you to "fix your behavior". They cursed at you and called you the devil's child. They weren't wrong. You were their child after all.
You anxiously waited on the small stage. The members of Aqours all attended and sat on the front row. Each and every one of them were proud of you and cleared their schedule just to witness your marriage to Rikako. Dai and Mayu were also sitting in the crowd. You were glad your relationship with Mayu was better now and you were also glad that Dai didn't kill you for marrying Rikako.
Suddenly, the sound of music filled the room as the crowd went silent. The doors slowly opened, revealing Rikako and her father. They walked down the aisle, inching closer and closer towards you.
You couldn't breathe properly. The sight of her was absolutely breathtaking. It was the most perfect moment in your life. Nothing could be better than this.
Everything else passed by like a blur to you. You could remember it all, but your brain could hardly process it quickly enough. You each said your vows and tears were shed. The two of you kissed passionately under the bright lights, in front of the cheering audience. Later, you joined the party. You drank a bit before running off with Rikako to a secluded area out in the woods and made love under the stars.
It was the next step that you would never regret. She loved you and you loved her. You believed that you couldn't be any happier than you were that night, until a new light shone on your heart and proved you wrong.

A/N: This is the end guys. Thank you so much for reading even though I update very slowly and make poorly written chapters. Next up is an epilogue and then I'll officially be working on my new book on my professional account. I won't be publishing the book until it's finished and edited, so expect a long wait! My account is @Kelly_KT .Thank you again for joining me on this long journey. I still can't believe it's been over a year since I started writing this. I hope you'll join me in what I write next!

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