27: As If

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             I slowly opened my eyes, taking some time to adjust my vision before studying the beauty beside me. I didn't expect this to happen so suddenly, but I was content with what had happened.
                I watched as her eyes opened slowly, revealing her (e/c) orbs. I couldn't help but smile at her cute expression. I finally understood what people felt after an experience like that. She yawned softly, stretching her arms a little, before wrapping them around my waist once again.
                "We fell asleep too early. It's only seven o'clock," She groaned.
                 I giggled,"Come on. Let's get up."
                 "No thanks."
                Feeling a little bold, I whispered,"If you don't get up, I won't do you next time."
                She practically jumped off the bed, her cheeks a bright red,"Okay, time to shower."
                 She ran into the bathroom to clean up, coming back out after she was done.
                 "It's all yours. I'll cook us some breakfast, while you get dressed."
                 I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I could tell she was watching me closely, causing me to blush in embarrassment. I was happy, but I couldn't help but feel a bit shy around her as I recurred the events of last night.
As soon as I got out of the bathroom, my mouth instantly watered from the smell of food. Y/n grinned happily as she placed the plates on the dining table.
                  "Let's eat!" We both said.
                  "Are you sure I look okay?" She asked nervously.
                   "You look great. Don't worry too much."
                   "Thank you," She smiled, kissing my cheek before walking into the producer's office.
                  I walked to the studio, where all of my co-workers waited for me. I missed walking into a room where all the members of Aqours waited for me, but I love the co-workers from my company just as much. Although there was always one person that bothered me.
"Hey, Aida-san," Miyamoto greeted.
I knew it was bad to judge people without getting to know them first, but he always gave me an uncomfortable feeling.
"Good morning, Miyamoto-kun."
"I heard your girlfriend joined our company recently. She's a singer, right?"
I nodded,"The producer wanted to meet her today. She's in his office right now."
"So, how did you find out?" He asked.
I frowned,"What do you mean?"
"That you liked girls."
I was slightly offended, but I knew that not everyone was aware of how to confront someone if they were curious. After all of the hate Y/n and I received just for being in a relationship, it was a little rude to randomly bring up the topic in public. There were likely people in the company that didn't support our relationship.
"I was okay with having a relationship with Y/n," I politely replied. "After I got to know her, I had a feeling that it would work out and it did. I don't regret my decision."
"Sex between two girls sounds hot."
By now, I was extremely uncomfortable. He was being very insensitive. The other workers began to look in our direction, paying attention to our conversation.
Suddenly, I felt a soft tap on my arm. I noticed Y/n playfully punching my arm gently with her fist. She grinned happily, bringing me out of my uncomfortable state.
"How did it go?" I asked Y/n, pushing aside Miyamoto's comment.
"It was great! He can't wait until I start performing. It's a dream come true!" She exclaimed.
"I've heard about you. I'm Miyamoto by the way." The third wheel joined in.
I usually didn't have a problem with people, but I couldn't stand him. Y/n sensed my uncomfortableness towards my co-worker and gave me a concerned look. Nonetheless, she still introduced herself respectfully.
After a while, he finally left. We all went through our daily routine, resulting in me feeling physically tired by the end of the day. When we arrived back at the apartment, I took a long relaxing bath.
I sat in the bathtub peacefully, until Y/n suddenly opened the door, causing my heart to leap out of my chest. She flashed me a teasing smile and found some space in the bathtub. My cheeks were already warm from the bath, yet they somehow grew warmer from her sudden appearance.
"We should do this more often," She said.
I bashfully joked,"Saves water."
She chuckled,"You're not wrong."
She played with the water, splashing it towards my direction. I laughed and began to splash water back at her. She giggled and tried to cover her face. It was a long battle before we decided that we should get out of the bath.
We both got dressed and decided to cook dinner rather than ordering it. I prepared the vegetables, while she cooked the steak. The smell of food filled up our apartment.
"Hey! Be careful when cutting that!" She warned.
I listened as she explained how I should hold the knife so that I wouldn't cut my fingers. Her soft hands guided my own, before she returned to cooking the steak. Once the food was prepared, we took a seat at the dining table and enjoyed our meal.
"You looked a bit uncomfortable when you were with Miyamoto today," She brought up. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah. There's nothing really going on. He just made some comments that were a bit insensitive," I explained.
                 "Let me know if he does anything to you," She said seriously. "If he lays a finger on you, I'll fight him myself."
                 "I know you'll always be there to protect me somehow," I smiled.
                  "Of course."
                  Y/n washed the dishes while I dried them. Afterwards, I brushed my teeth and watched as Y/n jumped onto the large bed. I giggled and followed her into bed. I curled up close to her body as she turned off the lights. She wrapped her arms around me, enveloping me in her warm embrace.
                  "Goodnight, Rikako."
                  "Goodnight, Y/n."
                  She closed her eyes and eventually fell asleep peacefully. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I found myself watching as she slept. She made me the happiest I've ever been. I smiled in admiration and closed my eyes slowly.
May tomorrow be a great day

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