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"I'm leaving for school!"
You turned to look at C/n who was about to walk out the door and realized (he/she) forgot (his/her) lunch. You quickly grabbed the lunch bag and handed it to them.
"You almost forgot your lunch."
"Thanks Mom. I'll see you later!"
"See you."
The door closed as your (son/daughter) left for their first day of high school. Rikako then walked out of the bathroom with a towel on her head.
"C/n left?" She asked.
"Yeah," You pretended to shed a tear. "They grow up so fast."
Rikako smiled,"Yeah. Make sure to get ready for work."
You walked over to kiss your wife,"I will, after I eat breakfast."
                 Rikako had aged a bit over the years, especially after having C/n, but she became even more beautiful with age. A part of you wanted to carry a child, but you didn't feel like you had good genes. Your family was known for their many illnesses that were passed down from generation to generation.
You sat down at the table as Rikako returned into the bathroom to blow dry her hair. You happily ate your food as you watched a random show on T.V. The door bell to your new home suddenly rang. You put down you fork and walked to the door. You opened the door and found Dai and Mayu standing right outside.
"Hey, guys! What are you doing here?"
"We brought a housewarming gift," Dai replied.
"We know it's late and all, but we figured we would still get you something," Mayu smiled warmly.
"Thanks guys," You grinned. "Come inside!"
You moved out of the way and allowed the siblings to enter your new home. You moved out of your old apartment when you finally realized that your child needed more space and you had the money to afford a home.
It was conveniently close to their school and there were a lot of stores that were within a walking distance. It was quite cheap for a house that was in good shape.
"So what have you two been doing lately?" Dai asked as he explored the house.
"I've been going on tours, but I try to be home as often as I can. My agency is considerate of my situation. I have to be home with my family too."
"I hate it when you leave," Rikako spoke as she walked back into the living room with her hair dry.
                  "Hey, Rikako!" The siblings greeted the former idol simultaneously.
                 "What brings you two here?"
                 "They brought us a belated housewarming gift," You answered for the two.
                 Rikako grabbed the gift and examined it in her hands,"Thank you so much!"
               "It's no problem really," Dai smiled for the first time since he got married.
                Mayu was also married to a man she met when she was applying for a job. Long story short, she couldn't stop apologizing after she spilled coffee on the poor guy's suit. Afterwards, they fell in love and her feelings for you were long gone. You attended both weddings with Rikako and C/n happily by your side.
                 You looked at the time and realized you were going to be late for work.
                "Shit! I gotta hurry or I'm gonna be late," You panicked. "I'm gonna shower quick. Thank you guys for coming!"
                 "I think we're leaving anyway. I have to buy some groceries," Dai said.
                 "You really matured after you got married," Rikako commented. "You're a responsible man now."
                 "Thank you. That means a lot coming from you," He replied sincerely.
                 "We'll be leaving now," Mayu said as they opened the door, leading themselves out.
                 Rikako smiled and closed the door as they left. After ten minutes, you ran out of the bathroom, fully dressed. Your hair was still wet from the shower.
                 "Make sure to dry your hair. I can't have you getting sick." 
                "I forgot," You chuckled as you walked back into the bathroom and returned a few minutes later, dry.
                "Ready to go?" Rikako asked.
                You kissed your wife and grinned,"Yeah. Let's go."
                 The two of you left the new house and went off to work. The rest of your years were the best years you could ever ask for. You grew old with Rikako and you were happy even if your parents died never accepting you for who you were.
                  Congratulations. You lived a long happy life with your favorite idol in the world.

A/N: Congrats. You survived this book without dying from slow updates and you lived happily ever after with Rikako. Thanks for reading everyone! I'll be officially focusing on my professional side account now!

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