15: I Will

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            "Let's go, Y/n!" The goddess called.
              I shook off all of my worries and followed the idol group. We called a taxi and got in separate cars. I sat in the same car as Rikako, Aikyan, and Shuka, with Anchan sitting in the passenger seat.
               I looked out the window and silently watched the scenery. Going back to L.A. made me nostalgic. Seeing all of the shops I used to go to brought back so many memories. Eventually, we arrived at a hotel that was very familiar. We were the first to arrive.
              I grabbed my luggage and waited for the others. As they grabbed their bags, the two other taxis stopped behind us. Ainya hopped out of one of the cars and waved to us. I waved back and smiled at how cute she was being.
               Once everyone had their belongings, we walked to the front desk together. The workers offered to take their bags, which they allowed. One of the workers offered to take mine, but I told him I was fine. He nodded and helped his coworkers carry the bags to our rooms.
               "Yes ma'am, I'll get right on it," One of the employees said to her boss as we approached the desk.
                The boss had her back facing towards us as she checked her phone, as if expecting a message.
                She sighed,"Seriously Y/n. I told you to call me when you arrived at your destination. Didn't even tell me where you're going..."
                  I watched as she mumbled to herself, deciding when I should tell her that we were here. Smirking, I rang the bell on the counter.
                 "Excuse me ma'am. I'd like to check in. I'm very important," I joked in a snobby accent.
                 "Right aw- OH MY GOSHHH!!!"
                My aunt practically jumped over the counter and hugged me so tight, I questioned whether my lungs still worked or not. I struggled to push her off of me so I could speak.
"C-Can you let me go?" I choked.
"Oh sorry," She released me. "I'm just so happy to see you."
I chuckled,"I can see that. I'm happy to see you too."
"Y/n, who is she?" Suwawa asked.
I turned around and noticed that the majority of them were confused as to what was happening. Rikako, Suwawa, and Ainya were the best at speaking English in the group, but even they weren't fluent.
"Sorry guys," I spoke in Japanese. "This is my aunt. She owns this hotel."
"Wait, with a successful hotel like this, wouldn't that make you rich?" Shuka asked.
"That makes my aunt rich, not me, but she does send me money all the time, so you can put it that way," I explained. "I don't really want the money, but she keeps sending me some every month. She's just worried about me living in Japan by myself."
"I see," Arisha nodded. "We should probably head up to our rooms. We're likely bothering the other guests by standing here."
"You're right," I replied. "Shall we get checked in then?"
I talked to my aunt and got the keys to each room. Each member got their own key in case something happened. I shared a room with Rikako. The rooms were big enough to fit at least four people, but the staff members separated us into pairs while CYaRon! shared a room together. When we entered our room, I put my bags on the floor and jumped into the comfort of our bed.
                  I froze in place. Suddenly, I got up so fast that I was surprised I didn't break any bones. I looked around and noticed that there was only one bed in our room. The size of the bed was big enough to fit the both of us. However, the size of the bed wasn't the problem, but the fact that we had to share one. Well, it was more of a blessing than anything, but my heart wasn't prepared for this.
                "What's wrong?" Rikako asked as she walked out of the bathroom.
                 "Are you okay with sharing a bed with me?"
                 Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink at the sudden question,"I don't mind."
                "You're usually so cute like this, but you can also be assertive, which catches me off guard sometimes. I like every side of you that you've shown me."
                 "I feel the same way about you," She smiled.
                 I grinned and walked towards the bathroom,"I'm gonna clean up and then we can join the rest of the others. We can get hamburgers if you'd like."
                 "Yeah, we can also explore the area afterwards."
                    "That would be nice."
                   "This ice cream is so good!" Anchan exclaimed.
                    I turned around and came face to face with a spoonful of ice cream. Ainya greeted me with a smile on her face as she inched the spoon closer to my mouth.
                  "You should try some of mine," she offered.
                  I let the cold dessert enter my mouth. It was sweet, basic, strawberry ice cream, but the texture made it special.
                   I grinned,"I haven't had ice cream from this shop in so long."  
                    "Hey Y/n!" Suwawa called.
                  I walked up to the table and sat down on the seat across from her,"Hey."
                 "So...how's it going between the two of you? I heard you have to share a bed."
                "We haven't really slept yet, so not much has happened, but I'm really nervous," I admitted. "How do you know anyway?"
                 "Your aunt planned it all out. She spoke slowly so I understood what she was saying."
                 I wasn't sure whether to thank my aunt for such an opportunity or to be mad that she meddled with my room arrangement.
                 "It'll be fine, Y/n. You're just sleeping next to her, not doing...other things...." She assured me.  
                 I blushed at the thought of that and ate another spoonful of (flavor) ice cream.
               "Are you ready to go?" Rikako asked the both of us.
                I nodded and followed everyone else outside. We spent the rest of the day exploring the city and taking pictures. Later, when we were tired, we decided to return to our rooms.
               "Goodnight everyone."
               "Goodnight~" They all replied as the only sound left was the sound of their doors closing.
               "You can shower first," I said, as I closed the door to our room.
               I sat on a chair and scrolled through my phone as I waited. Eventually, the goddess came out of the bathroom, allowing me to walk in. She was dressed in her pajamas, which suited her very well.
              "Cute," I mumbled to myself.
              Afterwards, I walked out of the bathroom and found Rikako sleeping peacefully. She slept quietly on her side and I couldn't help but admire her beauty. I turned off the lights and climbed onto the bed, trying not to wake her up. I laid next to her, gently wrapping my arms around her.
"Goodnight Rikako."

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