22: When I First Met You

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I woke up safely wrapped in her arms. She is gentle, yet strong. I know how protective she is and it makes me feel safe. I never expected that I would be spending so much time here, with her. In fact, I didn't expect that I would be with a woman. She's nine years younger than me, yet she's so mature and independent.
I admired her face, gently placing a hand on her cheek, causing her to wake up. Her (e/c) eyes met mine as she slowly placed a finger on my lips, making it difficult for me to hold back my smile.
                "You weren't planning on kissing me in my sleep, were you?" She teased.
                 "Who knows?"
                 She pouted,"Rikako with her bad intentions. I'm sure I'm not the only one that remembers when you touched You's butt in that one niconama."
I laughed,"That was one time!"
She joined me as we both laughed uncontrollably. I placed a hand over my mouth as I tried to calm down. When we finally managed to stop laughing, she grinned happily at me.
"I'm gonna go brush my teeth and stuff. Do you wanna go first or...?"
I shook my head,"No, it's fine. You can go first."
"Alright. I'll be right back."
                    I watched as she walked into the bathroom, leaving me alone on her bed. I've been at her apartment so often, it might as well be "our" bed. Ever since she managed to sneak past security and staff members just to get my attention, I've been feeling different. I feel like I can trust her with anything and I can't hold back my smile whenever I see her.
                   She walked out of the bathroom and walked up to me. She extended her hand for me to take, which I accepted. She placed a kiss on the back of my hand and pulled me up so that I stood in front of her.
                 "You can clean up and get changed. I left a set of clothes that you can wear," She said.
                 "Are you sure? I can just wear what I'm wearing now."
                  She shook her head,"I don't mind. If anything, you should shower and get changed since I've made plans for today."
                   "Really? What are we going to be doing?"
                   "It's a surprise," She grinned.
                   "I guess I'll have to find out," I smiled.
                  I walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I brushed my teeth with the extra toothbrush that Y/n gave me. I'm already familiar with her apartment, so I knew where everything was. I looked at myself in the mirror, smiling uncontrollably.
What are you doing to me Y/n?
                  "Breakfast is ready," Y/n announced.
                  I felt bad for not helping since I was showering, but she kept insisting that it was alright. I stared at the plate in front of me. It looked amazing, despite it being your typical American breakfast. Being with Y/n helped me learn about other cultures, since she's used to a lot of diversity.
                   "Let's eat." We said in unison.
                   "Thank you, Y/n. This is amazing." I said after I took a bite.
                   "Glad you like it!"
                  Y/n has also been different lately. She seems happier and I am as well. Everything seems to fall into place when we're together.
                  "Being with you makes me happy," she suddenly spoke.
                  My cheeks grew warm at her sudden comment,"I'm happy when I'm with you too."
                  "That looks good on you," She commented, glancing at the shirt she let me borrow. "I think you should keep it."
                   I looked down at the shirt,"Is that alright?"
                   "Of course it is! I think you look better in that shirt than I ever will."
                  "Thank you then," I smiled, playing with the hem of the shirt.
                   When we finished eating, I helped her wash the dishes while she dried them with a towel.
                   "You know...my mom used to make me use a specific towel for different things."
                   "What do you mean?" I asked.
                   "Basically, you use one towel for plates, bowls, silverware, and that kind of stuff, but then you use a different towel for pots and pans. For cups, you would use a paper towel."
                  She nodded,"I used to joke and say that I'll use a different towel for each plate, bowl, and stuff."
I giggled,"That sounds like something you would say. Did you used to be close to your mom?"
She shook her head,"No, not really. I didn't really talk to my parents much about myself. Of course we don't talk anymore, for obvious reasons."
I grabbed her hand, gently squeezing it,"You still have your aunt who loves you and accepts you for who you are."
"I have you too," She chuckled, resting her forehead on mine.
"And I'm glad I have you."
"When did we become so cheesy?"
"Probably since we first met."
                   She pecked my lips before backing away,"We should get going. I have a lot of plans for us today."
                    "Alright," I smiled.
                    We both put on our shoes and headed outside. She closed the door, locking it behind us, and grabbed my hand. She unlocked her car, opening the door for me to get in. Then, she got in from the other side and started the car. We drove off to an unknown destination.
                     "Are you ever going to tell me where we're going?" I asked.
                      "Like I said, it's a surprise."
                      "Fine. Anywhere with you makes me happy anyway."
                       She didn't say anything and continued smiling at the road in front of us. She turned on the radio and played some music, which I instantly recognized.
                       "You really like Love Live, don't you?"
                       She nodded,"Of course I do. Guilty Kiss was always my favorite subunit."
                         "Well it's nice to know that you love our music," I replied.
                         "I love the voice actresses too," She chuckled. "Especially Riko's voice actress."
                          I blushed,"Since when did you become such a flirt?"
                          "Since I decided I didn't want to lose you again."
                           I grabbed her free hand and squeezed it gently,"And you won't."

Ehhhh?!?! Rikako POV?! Should I keep it like this? Switch it back and forth? Please let me know. It was pretty difficult writing this since I don't know Rikako that well, but I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading~

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