26: Feel

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Warning: Lewds ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
             When I got home from work, I found Y/n laying on the couch, peacefully reading a book. She looked up as soon as I entered and flashed me a smile.
            "Hey, how was work?" She asked.
             "It was tiring. I had a lot of stuff to do. My feet are a bit sore from walking around so much."
              "You want me to massage them for you? You would feel a lot better afterwards," She offered.
               "Could you? That would be great."
               "Like I've said so many times before, anything for you," She grinned.
                I smiled as a way of saying "Thank you" and took a seat on the couch. She grabbed a bottle of lotion, putting some in her hands before rubbing my feet. I relaxed as I felt my stress fading away.
                "I feel old doing this," She said. "It's something I usually see my parents do for each other. Maybe I'll just think of myself as a masseuse."
                 I giggled,"Is that how you're going to live here? By becoming a masseuse?"
                "I can't live off of my aunt's money forever."
                A thought found its way to my mind,"I forgot to mention this, but I think you just got a new job."
                She finished massaging my feet and got up, washing her hands before putting away the lotion,"What do you mean?"
                "I mean...my company wants to hire you."
               She was clearly confused as I told her the news,"Wait..."
                I was smiling uncontrollably,"They want to hire you as a singer!"
                Her eyes widened,"Are you serious? You're not joking are you?"
                I shook my head excitedly,"No, I'm not."
She had the biggest grin on her face,"How? Why?!"
"They saw your performance at our concert and they were impressed! They talked to me about it and I thought you would love the opportunity to make your dream finally come true!"
She hugged me tightly,"Thank you so much! I love you!"
She smashed her lips onto mine, smiling into the kiss. My heart skipped a beat when she rested her forehead on mine. Her e/c eyes were sparkling beautifully.
"Hey Y/n."
"Hmm?" She hummed.
This is where it starts~
I kissed her slowly, pulling her closer towards me. She kissed back gently, making me melt on the spot. Gentle and slow turned to fast and passionate. Once again we found ourselves in this situation, where our bodies seemed to blend into each other.
When my brain managed to function just for a few seconds, I found myself in our bed. My hands brought her as close as I possibly could. She pulled away for a moment and looked at me, as if she was waiting for confirmation.
"Strange how we went from massaging your feet to this," She chuckled.
I tried to hold back a laugh, but failed,"It really is, but I am ready for this."
"Guess I ruined the whole mood with my comment then."
"Just a little bit," I teased.
"Guess I'll just have to fix that."
She brought her lips back to mine, slipping her tongue inside my mouth, easily winning her dominance in this battle for who can prove their love first. My hands found their way to her soft hair, running my fingers through it.
She moved down towards my jaw, trailing a small path of kisses all the way down to my neck. Every soft kiss felt like a tiny fire was gently burning my skin. An irresistible fire that I craved.
She silently traced her hands on the side of my body; her small path leading its way towards my chest. She removed my shirt as I did the same to her. Soon we both had removed the thin barrier that stopped us from being as close as we possibly could.
"You're beautiful," She whispered.
                I blushed, if that was even possible with my face as red as it already was. Her mouth found it's way to my breast, licking its center. I tried to hold it back, but a sigh managed to escape past my lips. Finding that she had played enough with the upper half of my body, her hands roamed down even lower.
               I felt her soft fingertips brushing against my skin, gently pushing my legs open. Teasing me, she touched the inside of my legs, purposely dodging my core.
             "Y/n, please..."
             She didn't speak and began rubbing my womanhood in small circles. My voice slipped out as her movements became a little more rough. A finger slipped inside as she kissed me, reminding me of how the fire felt dancing upon my lips. Then another found its way inside, pushing in and pulling out.
             A feeling spread all throughout my body. I feel weak. My mind was a jumbled mess. I kept my eyes shut and kissed Y/n with as much force as she exerted. My hands gripped onto her back, holding her in place.
              The heat grew hotter until there was an explosion in my body. Every part of me grew stiff and relaxed within a second. I breathed heavily, trying to catch my breath, which I didn't realize I was holding.
              My eyes found hers once again as she smiled at me. She laid down next to me and wrapped her arms around me. Her hands were surprisingly clean, which confused me until I realized what she had done. Her head laid on my bare chest, as if she was trying to listen to my heartbeat.
                 "I love you more than anything in the world," She finally spoke after our heated session.
                 "I love you too," I smiled.
                 My heart felt light. There was nothing that I wanted more than to make a moment like this last forever. To keep this memory locked within my heart for as long as I'm alive. Feeling a bit tired, I rested my eyes and snuggled up closer to her, switching so that my head leaned on her chest instead.
                 I found myself falling asleep in her arms, safe and sound.
How was that for my first lemon? I hope that was good enough! Leave me any suggestions somewhere in the comments. Thx for reading~

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