1: When I Saw You

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This book will be entirely in your POV.
"Beach sketch?"
"Favorite food?"
I stared at the video that was playing on my TV screen. Paying attention to every single detail on her perfect face.
"Why didn't I notice her beauty before? Why is she suddenly so beautiful now?" I mumbled to myself.
My older sister walked into the room and looked at the screen,"What's the point of watching this?"
"What's the point of not watching this?" I replied, keeping my eyes on the screen.
She ignored my comment and just looked down at her phone.
After I finished watching the niconama, it was already time to sleep. I jumped into bed and laid down with my plushies. I hugged Riko as I tried to sleep, but so many thoughts filled my head.
It's strange how the seiyuu for my best girl in Aqours is also my favorite seiyuu.
I rolled around in bed, back and forth, trying to find a comfortable position, but it was only my thoughts that were keeping me awake. I suddenly felt jealous as I was suddenly reminded of how a guy on Facebook ,who is a fan, got to meet her. He met her pretty often too. (Yes I'll still rant about it, even on here.)
I wanna meet her. I wanna just walk into a store and just see her there. Then, I'll say 'hi' and she'll reply. Then I'll fall even more in love with her
Eventually, I found myself falling asleep as I dreamt of my love.
-3 years later-
           The sounds of people conversing with each other rang out in the streets of Tokyo. I still didn't know my way around. I barely moved here after all. After high school, I decided to study in Japan. I couldn't wait to see an Aqours concert soon. Maybe I could buy some merchandise with the money I don't have.
            I made my way into my apartment and grabbed some boxes  filled with my items. After a while, I was tired from having to bring everything in by myself. My throat was parched after all that work. On my way to my apartment, I noticed a Starbucks nearby, so I decided to go there. I was kind of craving for some at the moment.
           It didn't take that long to get there, as I predicted. I opened the door to the store and walked up to the long line. It was pretty crowded. After the long wait, it was eventually my turn to order. It was good that I knew how to speak Japanese. I was lazy to learn at first, but I got motivated to learn for the sake of living in Japan. 
            "What would you like to order?" The cashier asked.
            "I would like a (d/n) please," I answered.
            After I paid, I noticed that almost every seat was taken. Luckily, there was someone who seemed to be sitting by herself with a mask on.
I wonder if she's sick. Maybe that's why people are avoiding her
            I made my way past the crowd of people and to the table where she sat.
            "Um...excuse me?"
            She looked up from the phone that I didn't realize she was holding.
            "Can I sit here? Almost every table is taken," I continued my question.
             "Sure," she nodded.
            When I looked at her up close, she didn't seem sick. She wasn't coughing or anything. Out of curiosity, I decided to ask her.
           "What's the mask for? Are you sick?" I asked out of curiosity and concern.
            She shook her head,"I'm hiding a  pimple."
             Based on the look in her eyes, I could tell it was a lie.
            "Sure..." I laughed. "What's the real reason?"
              "I'm really sick," she explained. "You might catch my cold."
            This time she looked genuinely ill. Maybe she was just really good at hiding it.
            "What's your name?" I asked. "My name is Y/n L/n, but you can just call me Y/n."
           "I'm Aida. It's nice to meet you Y/n," she smiled underneath her mask.
            I could see it in her eyes.
But that's not the only thing I see...
           She has these wonderful dark brown eyes that are so common, but at the same time, hers seemed special.
            "You have beautiful eyes..." I mumbled to myself.
            "Thank you," she replied.
           I blushed as I realized the words that came out of my mouth.
I seriously need to fix my habit of saying things out loud
           I quickly took a sip of my drink, only to realize that it was (cold/melted). (Depends if you're drinking a frappe or just normal hot coffee. Sorry for those who don't think coffee. Maybe you drank tea)
           She looked back at her phone and  looked back up to me.
            "I'm sorry, but I have to go," she apologized, giving me a wave.
             Before she could leave, I gently grabbed her shoulder,"Um...is it alright if I could have your number? I just thought that maybe we could talk some more..."
            "Ah sure," she answered before taking a pen out of her purse.
How prepared...
            She grabbed a napkin and wrote down some digits. Once she was done, she smiled and handed me the napkin. For a second after she handed me her number, I swear I saw her eyes widen in shock for a moment. It was almost as if she realized something.
           "Is something wrong?" I looked at her with a face full of worry.
           She shook her head,"No it's nothing. Thank you for keeping me company today, but I need to go now."
           "I could say the same for you," I smiled. "I'll give you a call. Bye~"
            She smiled once again in return, her eyes sparkling under the light of the shop,"Bye bye!"
            As she walked out the door, I then noticed her outfit. She wore a red beanie that went well with her beige coat and black pants. These clothes were well-suited for the winter season. They looked strangely familiar, but I shrugged it off.
           Eventually, everything was set up in my apartment. I fell onto my bed as I felt myself begin to relax. I wasn't going to start school until spring, so I decided to get used to Japan. I was going to (U/N) university. It's supposed to be a wonderful school. My parents didn't want me to move across the country when I told them about my plans for the future. We argued and things got so bad, I blurted the fact that I was gay and they didn't like it one bit. They told me to go move and that they didn't care anymore, so here I am.
            As I laid there, I realized I forgot to call that girl/woman. I don't know her age, but she definitely seems young, but don't most Asians look young? Well, until they get really old course.
           Eventually, I called her and waited for her to pick up.
            "Hello?" Her voice rang through my phone.
             "Hey, it's Y/n from earlier," I informed her. "I nearly forgot to call."
           I heard her giggle on the other side,"I'm not important, am I?"
            I laughed as well, "That's not it!"
            After a while of laughing and talking, I realized that it was pretty late.
            "Ahhh! I'm sorry for keeping you up so late!" I apologized.
            "It's alright," Aida assured me. "Good night Y/n."
            "Good night Aida-san."
            I hung up the phone and prepared myself for bed. Before I got into my bed, I looked through my photos of Rikako. I still love her as much as I loved her back then. She truly did bring me joy during those days of suffering.
I hope I meet her one day
A/N: I'm sorry if I didn't get her right. I mean I haven't seen that much of her so I'm trying my best!!! I hope you enjoyed it! Btw you are pretty dense in this story...
Let's see how this story goes!

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