New Cover!!

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Isn't she gorgeous???
I had to put a new cover since we've reached a new level with her.
How are you guys liking the story so far?
Please leave comments and suggestions so I know what I can do to improve as a writer.
Don't say that I need to update faster. I'm well aware of that lol. (Working on the next chapter btw)
Just noticed that this is my first author's note on here. Well, one with a separate chapter.
Kinda glad that my ideas are catching on, because I'm seeing more LL seiyuu x reader stories. Like actual stories, not just oneshots.
If you haven't already, please check out perfectly cliche by weeaboo343
It's a Suwawa x reader story. There isn't much to it rn, but I can tell that's it's gonna be an amazing story.
Please share it with your friends~
And if you don't mind...share this story too if you like it...
Anywaysss....expect a new chapter soon!
Maybe today cuz sometimes when I say soon, I end up updating within a few hours.
Thanks for reading~

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