20: I'm an Idiot

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Updating spree (`・ω')
              I've been practicing what to say for the last couple of weeks. During this time, my aunt was going around and preparing for the plan. I still don't have any idea what we're actually doing and neither Suwawa nor my aunt would tell me.
Doesn't this have to do with me winning back Rikako? Why can't I know about this?
The video that I posted got a lot of views and likes. I didn't realize that so many people enjoyed listening to me sing, so I decided to upload some more videos. I sang covers of songs that I liked and some songs that people requested me to sing. It helped me distract myself from how nervous I was. What if this plan didn't work out? Well, whatever the plan is.
                  I'm still a bit sad that I missed out on Rikako's birthday. After the incident, we didn't talk, so we didn't get to celebrate her birthday together. She posted pictures on her Twitter, thanking everyone for the birthday wishes.
                    I picked up my guitar and continued to play again. I began to sing my favorite song. It was easy for me to memorize the lyrics, since I became more fluent in Japanese. My aunt didn't know Japanese, so she had trouble speaking to people here. It's amazing how she managed to book a hotel by herself.
I finished singing and decided to take a walk outside. As I walked around the city, I found the Starbucks where I first met Rikako. I walked in and ordered a drink. I sat down at the table where I first talked to her and I took some time to reminisce. I was extremely lucky to have met her like this. Maybe it was fate.
I watched as a group of friends walked in. They happily talked with each other and ordered their drinks. The worker called my name, so I walked up to the counter and picked up my drink, leaving the shop.
                     I traveled around the city, exploring the places where we spent time together. I ate at the restaurant that she introduced me to. I walked through the park where we agreed to continue being friends. I strolled through the plaza where I crashed her wedding. Well, technically Dai crashed it. I was invited. 
                     My phone rang as I received a call from Suwawa. I answered my phone and placed the device next to my ear.
                    "Y/n, we got bad news. Rikako's mom is putting her through the marriage system again. This time, she agreed to it."
                      "What do we do?" I asked, trying to think of a solution.
                       She replied,"There's nothing we can do for now. We just need to hope that this plan works."
                       "What is this plan anyway?"
                       "If I told you, I know you wouldn't agree to it," She chuckled.
                      "Why is her mom putting her though the system again? I thought she would give up after the last one failed," I wondered.
                       "Rikako just told us that it was because she wanted to do it, but I think it might have to do with you," She explained.
                       "What do you mean?"
                      "Well, she's simply heartbroken and you're really special to her. She's never felt that way about anyone. She probably doesn't think she ever will, so she's given up."
                        "Rikako wouldn't just give up like that," I argued.
                        "Who knows? You really changed her, Y/n. She's changed you too," Suwawa replied.
                        My eyes found their way to the ground as I processed her theory. She could be right, but I really hoped she wasn't. I hurt her and I couldn't do anything about it right now.
                      "Let's just hope this plan works," I said.
                      I hung up and continued my stroll around the city. I stopped and smiled as I admired the view. I found her standing there, looking up at the trees. They were doing a photo shoot in the middle of a nearby park. I took a seat on the bench and watched silently. I didn't expect to see her so soon. Watching her smile made my heart ache. I missed seeing that flawless smile of hers.
She was so focused on the photo shoot that she didn't seem to notice me. Deciding that I didn't want her to see me yet, I walked back to apartment, leaving the goddess alone with the camera crew. I smiled sadly as I walked away, wishing I could fix this already.
I unlocked the door to my apartment and turned on the lights. I walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Afterwards, I decided to lay on the couch and watch TV. There wasn't really anything good to watch, so I turned it off and headed into my room. I organized my desk, since it was such a mess.  
                    Then, I took a seat and began to write. I wrote out my feelings. I wrote what I wanted to say, but it didn't sound right. I kept writing and writing, tossing aside pieces of paper, because the way it was written just didn't seem good enough. I continued writing until I suddenly decided that I didn't need this. What's the point of explaining your feelings by reading off of a piece of paper? I couldn't just read off of a script. I threw that last piece of paper away, realizing what a huge mess I've made.
I wasted so much paper
                        I cleaned everything up and placed all the sheets of papers in the recycling bin. Suddenly my phone rang for the second time today. I pulled it out of my pocket and answered.
                         "We're ready," My aunt spoke, her voice sounding like the leader of a mafia.
                          "Alright. Why are you talking like that?" I asked.
                          "It seemed fitting."
                          I shook my head,"When are you gonna tell me what the plan even is?"
                          "When we do it."
                          I sighed,"Hopefully it's not too bad."
                          "Hey! My plans are amazing and you know it!" She exclaimed.
                           "Amazing in other ways, but thanks Aunt. You've been really helpful."
                           "No problem kid. Anything to get your girl back and make you happy."

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