14: So

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"When are you going on break, Y/n?" She asked, looking up at me.
"Actually, summer break starts tomorrow. I'm glad since school has been tough. Why?"
A smile grew on her face,"I was wondering if you would want to join me and the rest of Aqours on our tour."
            Her smile must've been contagious, because I had a big grin on my face right now.
"I'd love to!" I exclaimed. "Would the staff mind though?"
She shook her head,"Not at all. I asked them ahead of time if it was alright for me to bring someone along."
             "When are you guys leaving?"
            She hesitated as she tried to remember,"We're leaving on Wednesday, so you should start packing your stuff. Don't worry about your plane ticket; it's been paid already."
              "What if I had said no?" I asked.
               "Then I would be pretty upset..." she said.
               "Oh? And why is that?" I teased.
              "Because I wouldn't be able to see you," she mumbled.
"Really?" I grinned.
She averted her gaze as her cheeks turned pink,"Geez, stop looking at me like that."
"If you say so," I chuckled. "I seriously can't wait though. I never thought I'd be joining Aqours on their tour."
             "I guess you're lucky that I like you," she smiled.
              My heart stopped,"You do?"
             She frowned and averted her gaze,"Maybe...I still need to think about it some more. This is all new to me."
             I shook my head,"No, I completely understand."
              I grabbed her hands, causing her to look up at me,"I told you that I would wait for you and I will."
              Her smile returned as she pulled me into her arms,"You always seem to find a way to ease my worries Y/n."
                 "Glad I was able to help."
               I found comfort in her arms.
               "Are you ready to go?"
              I nodded happily,"I was born ready."
Just as I was about to close the door, I quickly opened it again.
"Almost forgot," I mumbled to myself.
I gently grabbed Riko-chan and left the apartment. I made sure the door was locked before walking towards Rikako. She giggled at the sight of me holding a nesoberi.
"Of course you had to bring Riko-chan along."
               We took a train to the airport and met up with the rest of Aqours. They were all wearing masks and had their suitcases next to them. I greeted all of them happily as Rikako did the same.
              "You brought Riko-chan?" Anchan asked. "So cute!"
                "I can't go without her," I grinned.
                 "Riko's your best girl? Or is it her voice actress?" Ainya smirked.
                 My eyes met Rikako's and both of our faces turned red. I looked away, trying to avoid the gaze of the goddess in front of me.
She's not wrong
                "Aww! Y/n's blushing~" Shukashuu squealed.
                 "I'm not!"
We talked and joked with each other until it was time to board our airplane.
                "Are you ready, Y/n?" Suwawa asked.
                "Yup," I grinned.
                 The plane ride was going to be long, but it wasn't going to be boring. Anywhere with the members of Aqours was never boring, especially with the first years.
                  Aiai was asleep with headphones covering her ears. King looked at me and put a finger to her lips. I smiled, knowing exactly what she was going to do. She gently reached for Aiai's phone and raised the volume, causing her to jump in surprise. Aiai quickly took her headphones off.
                 I tried my hardest to suppress my laugh, but I couldn't. I laughed along with the rest of Aqours. Rikako had a hand over her mouth as she giggled at the prank. Aikyan laughed as she watched King try to escape Aiai's wrath.
                After a while we calmed down and tried our best not to disturb the other passengers. I listened to music while Rikako slept. I sat in between Rikako and Arisha, who was also sleeping. King, Aiai, and Aikyan we're sitting in the aisle next to mine, while Anchan and Shuka sat in front of us. Suwawa and Ainya sat behind us.
                 I smiled as I began to close my eyes and fall asleep. When I felt relaxed and comfortable, I leaned on Rikako's shoulder and began to dream.
               "Y/n, it's time to get off the plane," An angelic voice told me.
                "Huh?" I groaned.
                "We have to stop here and wait for our next plane," Rikako smiled at me.
                "Alright," I replied as I stood up from my seat.
                 We got off the plane and walked to the airport's bathroom. The entire group had masks on, while I was the only one that didn't. I went to the sink and splashed my face with water. Then, I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to look presentable.
                 After we all finished doing what we had to do, we looked for a place to buy snacks. I bought a bag of (s/n) and a (d/n). I drank my drink as we waited to board our second plane.
                 "Hey Y/n, do you want some?" Anchan offered.
                  I looked down to see some sort of candy. It looked like it was (flavor) flavored.
                  "Sure," I answered.
                  I popped the candy into my mouth and smiled in delight. It was sweet and really good.
                 "It's good," I commented.
                "Really? I'm glad."
                "Our plane is here," Arisha announced.
                 "Let's go Y/n!" Aikyan called.
                 When we boarded the plane, we all sat with the same people we sat with last time. I took a seat next to Arisha, while Rikako sat on the outside.
                   "Just a little longer," I mumbled to no one in particular.
                I once again woke up to the angelic voice of the goddess who stole my heart. She smiled at me.
                "We're here."
                The light blinded me as we began to exit the airport with all of our luggage.
                 "LA!" Ainya exclaimed.
Yup. Los Angeles...The place I once called home...


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