18: Mistakes

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             "I think I love you."
I couldn't hold back my smile. My mind struggled to process everything that she just said, leaving me speechless. Unable to reply, I brought my lips back to hers, closing the distance between us.
              "I love you too...so much."
              She flashed me her beautiful, flawless smile and wrapped her arms around my waist. I tried to calm down my heart as she rested her head on my chest, hoping that she didn't notice how fast it was beating.
I swear she gives me tachycardia
               "Goodnight, Y/n."
              "Goodnight," I whispered as I turned off the lamp beside us.
               "OH MY GOSH!!!! MY LITTLE BABY HAS GROWN UP!!!!"
               I quickly pulled my phone away from my ear, trying to hopefully regain my ability to hear,"Aunt...you're too loud. I'm sure even my neighbors can hear you."
              "I'm sorry! This is just such a big moment in your life. Your first kiss!"
              I blushed in embarrassment,"N-No it's not. I've kissed other girls before."
             "Sure you have. Anyways, how was it?" She asked, happily.
              "I can't just explain that to you!" I exclaimed.
             "Come on, don't be shy," She pushed.
              "Well...I felt like I was gonna die from happiness and her lips were really soft."
              "Girls' lips are indeed very soft."
              My eyes widened,"Wait what?"
              She burst out in laughter,"I'm kidding. I'm straighter than a pole."
               "Don't do that to me," I whined.
              "Sorry sorry. What now?"
              I furrowed my eyebrows,"What do you mean?"
              "Well, you aren't officially together. These past couple of months, you guys have been dating, but it was never official."
I nodded in realization,"You're right. I need to ask her soon. It doesn't need to be anything big right? Doing that just seems unnecessary."
"Do what you want as long as you get it done. You've confirmed her feelings, so there's no reason to be afraid now."
"Thanks Aunt."
I could hear the smile in her voice,"Anytime."
               After we said our goodbyes, I hung up the phone and placed it on my desk. I laid down on my bed, where Rikako was just a couple of hours ago. I scrolled through Facebook and searched for anything new.
Voice actress for the popular anime series, Love Live! Sunshine!!, was found leaving an apartment
I placed a hand to my forehead,"This again..."
Rikako Aida: A Lesbian?
Reading that hurt me the most. It's my fault that she's getting in these situations. It's my fault that her reputation is tainted. Can she still say that she loves me even though I'm causing her so many problems?
Get it together Y/n
I went to my contacts and gave her a call. I waited, but after a while, she still didn't pick up. Giving up after a few times, I decided to take a walk outside. As soon as I took a step outside, I was bombarded with questions by a group of guys.
                   "Why is she with a girl like you?"
                   "You're too young for her!"
                   "What did you do to turn her gay?! Change her back!"
                   I jumped back in surprise and tried to escape back into my apartment, but it was difficult with them trying to push their way inside.
                   "Let us in!"
                   With one push, I fell to the floor as the group of guys searched my apartment. I felt a sharp pain on my wrist from the impact. I winced and automatically held my wrist with my other hand.
                   "There's no clues here. Let's just go," One of the guys announced.
                    I watched as they all left, leaving me alone on the floor with the door open. I struggled to get up with one hand, but eventually managed to push myself off the floor. I gripped onto the counter as I tried to regain balance.
                    "What happened?"
                    I turned around at the familiar voice.
                    She laughed nervously,"Sorry for intruding. I came as soon as I heard the news."
                    "I haven't seen you in a while."
                    "It's awkward being around you after what happened," She looked down.
                     She shook her head,"Anyways, what happened here? Are you alright?"
                     "A group of men, that I assume are fans, came barging into my apartment wondering why their goddess is with a woman."
                      "Fans can get crazy sometimes," She replied with a look of concern all over her face.
                      "In the process, I think they broke my wrist," I continued, holding my wrist up for her to examine.
                     "Let me take you to the hospital," She offered. "You need to get that checked."
                     I nodded and followed her outside. She locked the door for me on our way out.
                      "Unfortunately your wrist is indeed broken, but it's not as bad as it could've been," The doctor spoke. "We're going to put a cast on it to make sure it heals properly and prescribe you some medicine to ease the pain."
                      I nodded,"Thank you."
                      "No problem. Make sure to be more careful." 
                      "I will."
                      As we left the hospital, I examined the cast. I had never fractured anything before, so this was a new experience. Mayu escorted me back to my apartment, where we found Rikako standing outside. She seemed surprised to see us together, but she tried to hide it.
"Rikako...I'm so sorry," I apologized.
"For what? What happened?" Her eyes full of worry.
"After hearing the news, some guys came to my apartment and demanded to know why you're with someone like me. They pushed me and the impact caused me to break my wrist. Luckily, Mayu came to visit and took me to the hospital," I explained.
She ran up to me and hugged me gently,"I'm sorry, Y/n."
Mayu waved goodbye and left to give us privacy.
"You didn't do anything. It's my fault." I nuzzled my nose into her neck. "I'm ruining your reputation."
She pushed me back and studied my face,"It's not your fault, Y/n. I should've been more careful."
I averted my gaze,"It was...You were better off not knowing me. This isn't America! People aren't as accepting here. If only I hadn't chased after you, you wouldn't be in this mess!"
Her hands fell to her sides. I couldn't bring myself to look her in the eye.
"Fine. If that's how you feel, then I guess we're better off not knowing each other," She replied softly. "Maybe I was too quick to judge my feelings for you. Since you're so quick to give up on us, then fine, I'll take it back."
I slowly removed my eyes from the ground and looked up at her. Tears rolled down her perfect face. I never saw this side of her. I never saw her so upset.
"I don't love you. You're not the one I fell in love with."
My heart broke as I watched her walk away. I instantly regretted my actions; my words. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't speak. The love of my life was gone. It was all my fault.

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