10: But I'll Try

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Today was the day. Rikako was getting married and I was going to confess my love to her. Although my aunt's idea was rather cheesy, I'll do it anyway. Well, unless Dai-kun does it first. He wasn't invited, but he seemed really determined the crash the wedding. It's surprising how we got close even though he tried to blackmail me away from Rikako.
"Good luck, Y/n!" Mayu exclaimed.
                 "Thanks Mayu-chan!" I grinned.
                Suddenly, I was pulled into her embrace,"I hope she loves you..."
                 I couldn't hear the rest of her phrase, but it didn't seem to be important.
                 I accepted her embrace, "I hope she does too."
                 When we pulled away, I smiled,"So what are you doing today?"
She took a moment to think,"Dai-kun wanted me to help him pick out a tux, so I'll probably spending hours with him at the mall before the wedding."
"I knew he was crashing the wedding!" I laughed.
She giggled,"You know how he is. He's always so determined to get what he wants. Although this time, I think he's willing to give."
I frowned, "What do you mean?"
She kept quiet.
I grabbed her shoulders, lightly shaking her back and forth.
"Tell me," I whined.
She grinned,"Nope."
I stopped and pouted,"You're so mean."
Saying that just made her smile grow.
"I really like your smile," I blurted out.
                 Her cheeks grew red,"Such a player, trying to get with every girl you see."
              "Who said you're a girl?" I teased.
                  She glared playfully,"Y/n!!!"
                 I ran as she tried to chase me. I turned around every now and then, saying "Haha Mayu boi". I kept running, until I suddenly bumped into someone. I stumbled back and struggled to keep balance, but I successfully managed to.
               "I'm so sorry! Are you alright? Rikako?"
                  In front of me was the goddess herself, on the ground after I had accidentally bumped into her. I extended a hand for her to take, which she did.
                "I'm alright. Are you, Y/n? Why were you in such a rush anyway?" She asked.
               "Oh, I was just running fr-"
               Soon, I was tackled into a hug,"Caught you!"
                We both laughed as Rikako stared at us, unsure of what was going on.
                 "I was running from her," I continued to laugh.
                "Sounds fun," Rikako smiled.
              "What are you doing out here anyway?" I asked. "Shouldn't you be preparing for your wedding?"
              "Actually, we're in front of the venue, so I was just about to walk in."
               I looked around and noticed that she was right.
                  "Oh, I was too busy running, I didn't notice," I chuckled.
               "Congratulations on your engagement," Mayu said, still clinging onto me.
               "Thank you," Rikako replied.
                There seemed to be tension between the two, but I ignored it.
                 "Anyways, we shouldn't hold you for too long. You should go prepare for your wedding and I'll see you then," I smiled.
                She seemed to be a bit flustered,"Ah, you're right. I'll see you then. Bye, Y/n!"
               She looked at Mayu for a moment. She clearly didn't know who she was.
               "Alright, bye Mayu-san," Rikako smiled politely, although it seemed to be rather forced. She was never good with strangers after all.
After she left, I walked home with Mayu and began preparing for the wedding. The wedding was in a few hours and I wanted to look my best. First, I took a shower and styled my hair. Afterwards, I put on my outfit and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked great, at least I think I did.
                 Before I left, I needed one last talk with my aunt. I grabbed my phone and began to search for her name in my contacts, but surprisingly, she called before I pressed on her name.
               I picked up,"Hello?"
              I pulled the phone away from my ear when an excited squeal made its way from the other end of the line.
               "I'm sorry! I'm just so excited!!!" She squealed.
                "Would you keep your excitement down please? I think I'm gonna go deaf any second now," I chuckled.
              "Sorry sorry. Anyways, what are you wearing?"
               "If we weren't having this conversation over the phone, I would slap you right now for that joke," she threatened.
               I gasped, "Child abuse."
             "But what are you actually wearing?" She asked again.
                "I'm wearing a (f/c) (D or T)."
               "I'm sure you look beautiful in that."
                I smiled,"Aww, thanks Aunt."
              "If she hasn't fallen head over heels for you already, then there must be something wrong with her."
               "I don't know what you're talking about. She's flawless, absolutely perfect in every single way," I replied with a monotone voice.
               She laughed,"Spoken like a true fan."
                "I seriously am worried though. What if she doesn't feel the same?"
             This wasn't the time to worry, but my insecurities were getting the best of me. It was like the nerves before a wedding. Oh wait, it is, except I'm not the one getting married.
                "Stop worrying! Go get her!" She encouraged.
               "You're right."
                 I checked the time,"I better get going Aunt. I'll talk to you later."
                "Good luck!"
               After we said our goodbyes, I hung up the phone. Pacing back and forth, I tried to take deep breaths. I walked into my room and looked for Riko-chan. I grabbed her by her waist and looked into her big white eyes.
                "I can do this right?" I asked.
               Of course there was no reply.
                "I should really stop doing this," I said before I placed her back onto my bed.
                  I left the apartment, making sure the door was locked, and headed towards my car. I put the key into the ignition and started the car. After a while, I drove to the venue where the wedding was taking place. Before I walked in, I took some time to calm my nerves.
                  "I can do this. I just need to say it. Just say it."
                  I took a deep breath and let it out. Then, I took a step out of my car. I locked it before walking into the venue. Who knows what was going to happen next? I surely didn't.

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