23: I Didn't Know

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Part 2 will be entirely Rikako POV.
              I was greeted by a beautiful view of the ocean. I've never been to the beach during the colder seasons, so this was new to me. With Y/n, everything was a new experience. The ocean was a beautiful shade of blue and the sky was somewhat gray. It was slightly windy, causing the area to be a bit cold.
                "It's beautiful," I commented.
                "I know right?" She grinned.
                "I never went to see the ocean in this weather," I spoke.
                 "Me neither," She replied,"But I want to try new things with you."
                  "Then, we should see the stars together sometime. Just the two of us." 
                   "It's surprising how we go out so often. I recall you being an indoor person," She chuckled.
                   "People change over time," I answered.
                   "I used to be an indoor person, so I guess I've changed as well."
                   I smiled,"Yeah. You became such a flirt."
                   "I can't flirt for life," She laughed.
                   "Good. Now I know that others won't pay attention to you because you wanted them to."
                   "Why would I want to pay attention to anyone else when I have a goddess beside me?"
                   My cheeks grew warm,"You consider me to be a goddess?"
                   She smiled,"With that perfect smile of yours, I'm sure everyone can agree."
                   "You're so cheesy."
                   "I'm just being truthful."
                   With all of these compliments, it makes me want to kiss her. As if she was able to read my mind, she leaned in and placed her soft lips on mine, kissing me slowly. Moments like these made me feel as if everything was right in the world.
                   The beach was empty and silent. You could only hear the sounds of the waves crashing into the shore and possibly the sound of my heart. We stood in place, holding each other close, declaring our love through the connection of our lips. The connection of our hearts. We both pulled away, breathing in the crisp air.
                  "What am I?" I suddenly blurted out.
                  She frowned, clearly confused by my statement,"What do you mean?"
                 "You're a lesbian, aren't you?"
                 "I don't know what I am. I've never loved a girl until I met you," I continued.
                  She nodded,"You're you. You don't need a label to define who you are. If it bothers you, we'll figure it out together."
                 My eyes began to slightly water. Her reply surprised me. I never felt as if I could depend on someone as much as I could with her.
                  "Thank you," I spoke.
                  She planted another kiss on my lips,"You can always count on me. Don't dwell on it too much. We can figure it out one step at a time."
                  I rested my forehead on hers, grasping her hand gently. I closed my eyes and breathed in her scent. It was comforting. I feel comfortable when I'm with her. I've never felt this way about anyone. It's strange how this happened so fast.
                  "Shall we get going?" She whispered.
                  I opened my eyes, looking back into her (e/c) orbs,"Yeah."
She drove us back to her apartment, where we took some time to walk around the area. We walked down the street together, hand in hand, earning a few stares from the people around us. Before, I would be a bit embarrassed about holding hands with Y/n in public, but I don't care anymore. The talk about my relationship with Y/n had eventually died down and now we could spend time together comfortably. Of course there were still people who talked about it, but there were others who defended us.
                   We went to a restaurant and ate together. Y/n was happily enjoying her meal, smiling cutely as she ate.
                  "This is so good!" She exclaimed.
                  "I'm glad you like it."
                  After we ate, we split the bill and headed outside.
"Ready to head back?" Y/n asked.
"Yeah. Let's head home."
She smiled warmly at me,"At this point, you should just move in with me."
"Is that okay?"
She chuckled softly,"Of course!"
                    "I'll start packing then."
                    "I can help," She offered. "I don't mind carrying some boxes."
                     "Thanks. We can start next month. I'll try to organize as much as I can before then," I said.
                     "Alright. Just let me know if you need anything."
                   I packed my items into the boxes, sealing them once they were full. There wasn't much to pack since I was only bringing stuff from my home. I still lived with my parents for the time being. At this point, my mom didn't care where I went and what I did.
I brought the boxes outside, where Y/n placed them in her car. We got inside the car and she drove us to her apartment. When we arrived, we immediately brought the boxes in.
"I'm pretty tired. Let's take a break," She said.
I nodded,"I'm tired too. We can take care of these boxes another time. The only stuff I'll need are my clothes."
I sat on the couch, while she poured me a glass of iced tea. She handed me the glass and took a seat, sipping her drink.
                  "Do you want to shower first?" She asked.
                  "If that's okay with you."
                  "Go ahead. I'll just relax out here."
                  I nodded and headed into the bathroom to shower. I relaxed as the warm water rained down on me. Once I was done, I dried my hair and body with a towel.
I forgot my clothes
                   I wrapped the towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom. I looked around, remembering that I had left my clothes in the living room, with the boxes. I walked into the living room with only a towel.
                  Y/n's stare made me blush as I tried to get my clothes,"I forgot that my clothes were out here."
                   "Oh...ok," She hid her face from me, refusing to make eye contact.
                   "Don't tell me that you like seeing me like this," I teased.
                    I noticed as her ears turned red,"Uh...I mean...I guess I do..."
                    "What happened to your confidence Y/n?" I giggled as I made my way back into the bathroom to get changed.

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