13: I Love You

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           Rikako didn't say anything about the kiss, but she didn't seem to mind. She just smiled at me and continued to watch the movie. I wanted to talk about it. It took all of my courage just to do something as simple as that, but I knew that it wasn't the time to. Mayu was here too.
              I tried my best to push these thoughts out of my head. It's weird how I'm the one that kissed her, yet I'm the blushing mess. It was only a kiss on the cheek too.
Jeez Y/n...get it together!!
              Before I knew it, the movie ended. Rikako had to leave, because she had a busy schedule the next day. I walked her to the door, avoiding her gaze.
                 "Thank you for today, Y/n," she smiled.
                "I-It's nothing..." I stuttered.
                "I almost forgot."
               She leaned in and placed her lips on my cheek. My cheeks grew even warmer than before and I felt like I was going to melt at any moment.
               "Bye," She grinned mischievously.
               I was speechless as I tried to muster up a reply. She walked off while I stood by the door, even more of a mess than before.
"She left?"
I jumped, startled by the sound of Mayu's voice. I turned around and saw an amused look on her face.
                 "Y-yeah..." I stuttered, still shaking from Rikako's kiss.
                 "Hmm..." Mayu leaned in close, grinning knowingly.
It was a little too close for comfort. Noticing my discomfort, she moved away from me.
"Hey, Y/n," she started.
"Yeah?" I replied, a little intimidated by her sudden change of tone.
"Why do you like her so much?"
My eyebrows furrowed in confusion, while her brown eyes glistened.
Is she...?
"What is so special about her?" She continued. "Is it because she's a celebrity? Because she's pretty?"
She didn't raise her voice and her face held a calm expression, yet her words were as cold as ice.
"Mayu, what is this about?" I asked.
"I can't stand it, you know," she ignored my question. "Why can't I be the one? Is there something wrong with me?"
"Mayu, what is this about?" I repeated.
She stopped and stared at me. Tears escaped her eyes and rolled down her pale cheeks. She shook her head and walked up to me, hiding her face in my shoulder.
I know what this is about...but I'm too afraid to ask...
               "I know you're in love with her, but sometimes I wish you fell in love with me instead," she cried.
               She trembled as she spoke. Hesitantly, I wrapped my arms around her. I didn't know what I was supposed to do in a situation like this, so I offered the only comfort I could give her. She gently pushed away and looked up at me,"I'm sorry, Y/n. I'm such a mess. I'll leave right now."
                She turned around and grabbed her purse. I watched as she put on her shoes by the door. Still unsure of what to do, I stood there silently.
            "I can't always keep waiting for you. You always stand there saying that you never got to say what you wanted to say, yet you never seem to try." Her eyes were stone cold.
               I stood there, still unable to come up with the words to tell her how I felt towards her.
               "Goodbye, Y/n."
              Suddenly coming back to my senses, I grabbed her arm. The pain and heartbreak in her eyes was obvious, but there was also a hint of confusion.
              "Is that all you have to say?" I said. "I won't accept that you feel these things if you don't say what it is."
You'll regret it like I did
               A smile grew on her face as she let out a giggle,"You're really weird."
              I smiled in return as I let go of her arm. She brought a hand to her face and wiped away a few stray tears.
               "I love you, Y/n. I know you love Rikako, but I still couldn't help and fall in love after spending this much time with you."
               "Thank you," I replied.
                 "So that's what happened after I left?"
                I nodded and took a sip of my drink. I could tell Rikako felt bad for Mayu, but I knew that Mayu could handle it. She's strong, but of course that didn't stop me from feeling a little bad as well.
                 "So you're in love with me?" She teased.
               My cheeks grew unbearably hot,"S-Stop!"
               She smiled,"You're cute when you blush."
                I averted my eyes,"Well, you're beautiful when you smile."
               Her cheeks turned pink, causing her to avert her eyes as well.
               "Who's blushing now?" I grinned.
                She hid her face behind her hands. I walked up to her and gently tried to remove her hands from her face. It didn't take much effort since she willingly revealed her blushing face.
                Our faces were close. I could feel her breath on my lips. Our foreheads almost touching. Our lips...
               We both pulled away. I was still the blushing mess I was earlier, but worse. My eyes refused to look at her once again. Instead, they found an interest in the sky.
It's too soon for that. She isn't even sure if she feels the same yet.
                 My eyes found their way to hers once again. I focused on her features. Her brown eyes were sparkling in the sunlight. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail. She looked stunning as she did everyday. Her pink lips...
Jeez! Get a hold of yourself Y/n!!
               I shook off these strange thoughts,"Let's check out that shop!"
                  "Sure!" She smiled.
                 To try and calm my racing heart, I tried to distract myself with bracelets they sold at the small shop.
Her smile is breathtaking
                 The bracelets came in many different designs. Rikako looked in my direction in curiosity and walked over to me.
                "These are so cute!"
                "Do you want one?" I asked.
                 "We should get a matching pair," she suggested.
                "Yeah," I grinned. "You take this one and I'll take this one?"
                I showed her the pair of bracelets. The expression she wore on her face showed that she approved.
              "I love it," she said after I paid.
               "I'm glad you like it," I replied happily as I looked at the (f/c) bracelet.
               "Where to next?" She asked.
              I grabbed her hand,"Anywhere with you."
Her hand is so soft and warm
                She blushed once again.
               I kissed the back of her palm,"For the record, I do love you, Rikako."

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