6: I Could Do Anything

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I woke up to the sound of a knock on my door. I lazily rolled off of my bed to greet whoever it was. I opened the door and saw a very nervous looking girl. She had long black hair that went past her shoulders. Her eyes were a very dark brown, almost black. In my opinion, she was very pretty, but no one could ever beat Rikako's beauty. She shyly looked up at me and opened her mouth to speak.
            "Um...you're Y/n L/n, right?"
              "Yeah, how do you know my name?" I asked.
              "Well...I go to (U/n) and I've seen you around," she said softly.
                "That doesn't explain how you managed to find out where I live."
              "Sorry, it's just that I was told by a friend to deliver something to you....so I followed you home..." she explained.
              "You could've just talked to me. No need to follow me for that," I chuckled. "So what is it that you needed to deliver?"
               She handed me the envelope that was in her hands. I looked at it before thanking the shy girl.
               "What's your name?" I asked.
             "I'm Mayu Yamanashi. It was nice meeting you, but I need to go now."
               "Alright. See ya around," I smiled.
               I closed the door and opened the letter as I walked to my desk. I sat down and pulled out the paper inside. I began to read, but a part of me wish I hadn't.
Stay away from Rikako, or else...
              Well, it was bound to happen. This did seem like one of those cliche celebrity stories. I was lucky enough to meet and befriend the woman of my dreams. Getting to meet such a goddess is a miracle. I pulled out another item that was inside the envelope. It was a picture of the two of us together at the restaurant the other day. Then there was another one of us at the park. I couldn't help but smile at the pictures. Sure, it was being used to threaten me, but it still reminds me of some great memories.
I kept the pictures in my drawer and grabbed my phone.
Y/n: We have a problem
Rikako: What is it? And you changed my name again?
Y/n: Well, I couldn't keep calling you Aida-senpai. Anyways, I'm being threatened.
Rikako: Really? By who?
Y/n: I don't know who this person is. All I know is that their friend came over to my apartment to deliver the letter. She seems uninvolved, but she might know something.
Rikako: What was in the letter?
Y/n: "Stay away from Rikako, or else..." with a few pictures of us together inside.
Rikako: How would this person see this as a threat? The media wouldn't care as much since you're not a man.
Y/n: Maybe they're seeing something in these pictures that we're not...
Rikako: I'm not sure, but shouldn't we talk to the police about this?
Y/n: That would be a good idea, but I want to figure out why they would be doing this. I don't want to get the police involved in a case where the person was just being jealous. The police probably wouldn't see the person as a threat either, besides the fact that they were stalking us.
Rikako: I'm not sure how being around you will ruin my reputation. It would make the fans jealous, but you could always look at it as a friend who is very supportive of her celebrity friend. Whatever it is you're doing, please be careful.
Y/n: I will. I'm gonna investigate this. Bye Rikako!
Rikako: Good luck Y/n!
            I put my phone down and prepared for another day at the university. I was definitely going to find  whoever this person was. After seeing Rikako's supportive message, I felt like I could do anything. What is this person trying to do? Are they really a threat? What are they seeing in these photos?
             After I finished getting ready, I opened my desk drawer and pulled out the pictures. I studied them carefully. I looked at every detail on the pictures, but I couldn't seem to figure it out. I decided to ask my aunt.
Y/n: Hey Aunt! I need your help with something.
              She replied almost instantly.
Aunt: What is it Y/n? You need some love advice? Aww, did she ask you to be her girlfriend?
Y/n: WHAT NO! Anyways...I want you to look at these pictures and tell me what you think when you see them.
I took a picture of each of the pictures and sent it.
*picture sent*
Aunt: I see a cute gay couple.
Y/n: Be serious! Look at it from an outsider's perspective.
Aunt: Again, I see a cute gay couple.
Y/n: What do you mean...?
Aunt: If someone was ridiculously dense, like you, then you won't notice it, but it's pretty obvious. You may not be holding hands, or kissing, or anything, but the way you look at each other gives it away. You both have that loving look on your faces. Sure she may have looked at the other members like this before, but that was intentional, while in this picture, it's natural.
Y/n: Thanks Aunt. I think I understand it now. I need to go to school, so bye!
Aunt: Tell me when you're holding the wedding!
               I tried to stop myself from blushing as I put my phone in my pocket. I put the pictures back inside my drawer and grabbed my car keys. Then, I grabbed my school bag and  walked out the door, locking the door of course. On my way there, I stopped by Starbucks to buy a (f/d). I always loved drinking that on stressful days and today was definitely going to be stressful. I have to find out who that person is and what they want from me.
                When I walked into the shop, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. It wasn't that long ago, but this was where I met Rikako. I was so clueless back then. I remembered the moment when I walked up to her and sat down  with her. What if I hadn't walked up to her? Would my feelings for her be this strong?
             "Y/n-san! Your order is ready!"
               I shook off my thoughts and walked up to the counter to pick up my drink.
               "Thank you," I said and walked back to my car.
                  I started the car and drove to the university. I was definitely going to find out who this person was. I didn't want to lose her. She already means so much to me.

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