chapter 16: I'm sorry. My Last Chapter

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I know it's been months. I've gotten so much love on this story and I never even use this app anymore, so I'm sorry. I feel guilty but I don't think I can keep writing this. It doesn't feel like me or my story. It turned into a routine where I uploaded just so I would get reads and I never really liked the story anyway. I'm sorry if you liked it.
If your still reading this, thank you I appreciate it a lot. you have no idea how good it makes me feel when people support my writing. I have started a story though, one that I actually love and put thought into. It's possible zodiac high story was only successful (for my standards) because people like zodiac stuff, so I won't post my new story unless I hear that someone wants me to. If you comment and I know you genuinely like my writing I will keep writing (publish the new story) because I love you guys a lot.
Not many of you are still here but, if you want to take on this crazy mess of a story and keep it going, dm me. Maybe we can figure something out😊
for the last time on this story,


sagittarius: but Raven!

Leo: you love writing

Pices: how could you do this to your fans?!

scorpio: They were few in numbers

Taurus: but their comments were funny as hell

cap: Please don't do this

gem: we promise you could make this a really good story

Cancer: People love it Raven!

Aries: You don't want them to hate you do you

Aquarius: you only have like four real life friends what are you gonna do without your wattpad fans!

Ravey: Everything will be made clear, If you were a real fan of the story and read the paragraphs above.

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