Truth or dare, pt. 2 (5k)

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Ravey: part twoooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Aqua: the last ones weren't that bad,

Ravey: Air signs, lick a trash can.

Air signs: ew...

Libra: I got this *licks trash can*

Ravey: I wonder if Leo will still kiss you

Leo: brush your teeth then we'll talk

Gem: I am not doing that

Aries: *shoves Aqua into trash can* don't be such a wimp. *tutns to gem* do you want me to push you in to?

Gem: that's ok...*climbs into trash can*


Ravey: ok, Sagittarius, shave part of Leo's head


Taurus and Scorpio: oh. my. god. yes.

Leo: Nooooooooooo

Ravey: Don't worry you will forget this ever happened and everything will go back to the way it was as soon as I leave.

all: what?

Ravey: shave that head! shave that head!

Sagittarius: *shaves a stripe into Leos hair* MWAHAHAHAHAHAH. You hurt Libra and the rest of your precious hair is toast

Pices: Toast sounds so good right now. Man I'm hungry.

Ravey: well then... Orphi slap the person you just most in this room

Orphi: *slaps himself*

all: ...

Cancer: man that's dark


Ravey : Next on 'epic zodiac wrap battles', the ovaries *points to Deli and Sage* versus the brovaries *points to Kace and Orphi*

all: what?!

Ravey: Go!

5 minutes later

Ravey: This is intense. Judge Capricorn is one judging the wraps.

Cap: Brovaries it seems there is food spilling out of the bottom of your wrap. Therefore the winners are THE OVARIES

All: 👏👏👏

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