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   "Sag wait up!" I called, chasing after best friend sagittarius, my hair flying in my face and blinding me. I had seen her walking home from our last day of middle school and ran to catch up with her. She laughed as I almost tripped getting next to her. I proceeded to fix my hair as I was just everywhere. I muttered to myself about how annoying long hair is before facing her as she rolled her eyes at me.
   "what?" I asked
   "if you hate your hair that much why don't you cut it?" she asked sarcastically.
     "I have an emotional attachment to this sir alright if I cut it would be like cutting my soul in half you might as well just kill me if you cut my hair!"
      "slow down drama queen, you're not on stage you can tone down the act." she laughed
     " You don't get it," I said, striking a pose in the middle of the street for some reason and gesturing out to my invisible audience, " I am always on stage!"
  she playfully shoved me and I just made some sound effects before realizing there were people white close to us and we looked at The ground laughing in embarrassment. We stopped at a vending machine and got sodas because it was absolutely boiling in June.
    I sipped the cold coco cola and then sighed saying,
     " oh my god it's so good.. I LOVE IT!!!"
    " just like you LOVE Collin" Sag smirked.
     "I don't have a crush on him!"
     "oh come on Libra! You were totally flirting with him!"
     "Is that what people think?"
     Sag just laughed as we got to my house, we always hung out at my place after school, usually we just went toy room, bit we walked through the living room to see both of our mothers sitting there, waiting for us.
   "what's going on?" I said me and sag sitting across from our mothers. Sag's mom sighed and said to us,
   "Girls, ever since you were little you were different, you know. You had a very different set of.. well, personality traits. You  see, there are only twelve of these people in the world and they are all going into highschool next year. And we have agreed to send you to a special highschool with the other ten. It's called zodiac high"
    A/N: I know this is really short but it's  just the prologue, actual chapters will be longer. The next chapter will be the beginning of freshman year at zodiac high.  If you have ship questions comment so I know! ok bye!!

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