Chapter 13- soooo who the flip are you

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Virgo pov

The twelve of us sat together, huddled together and talking quietly at lunch that day. We all seemed repelled by these new kids sudden presence and I'm afraid I can't tell you why.
It was like we had a pool party and we only recently got comfortable in swimsuits around each other and then four kids just walked into our pool in their underwear. They can't do that, right?
Then Orphi, the one we had met earlier, said something to the rest of them scooted towards us. There were two boys and two girls (including Orphi)
Orphi gave me this weird vibe with the way his smile was more like a smirk and the mischief that danced in his eyes he was just off putting. Next to him was a boy with shaggy black hair. He didn't seem mean or anything but he did have an emo vibe with his clothes from Hot Topic. He was so quiet. He was pretty tall but his quiet personality made him seem much smaller.
Across from Hot Topic was a girl with similar hair, long and black and covering her eyes. But her lightly curtained eyes seemed cold and guarded. The way she wore her hood hunched over so you could barely see that intimidating face definitely said 'hug me: I cut you'
Next to her was a girl that was quite the opposite. She was, how do I say this, petite. But she had this nice small smile and warm, inviting eyes. She didn't look like one that would talk much but more let you talk to her while she nods and smiles. She definitely seemed nice. But quiet.
Great, three people who are probably barely going to talk to us. Who knows maybe we could have made them cooler and showed them how to get heard at this school. But unfortunately, they had this guy that I was starting to really hate standing like a wall between us and them. He seemed to convince these guys to follow him so easily.
" ladies and gentlemen," Orphi addressed us, "I am, as you know, Orphi. These are the other new students here. This is Kace," He pointed to Hot Topic.
"This is Delilah, or D for short," He pointed to scary girl.
"And that's Sage." He pointed to soft girl.
We all mumbled greetings through mouthfuls of food. I swallowed my lunch then turned to Orphi and said, "Look I don't wanna fight you or anything but your giving, bad vibes. So, what's your deal."
"Well" He was back at it again with that smile/smirk, "I was raised in Seattle. My dad named me after a constellation and I had just been kicked out of another school then my dad caught wind of this place. The school guy said I had to be part of these special twelve because They represent their generation of kids born under a certain constellation. But my dad wouldn't have that 'special twelve crap'" there were gasps from the twelve of us, "So he payed the school people a lot, and I mean a lot of money to let me in and at least three students who aren't 'special twelve' material"
We sat there in aw. How can you buy your way into a school for kids so specific there's only twelve students. It just didn't make sense. Yet here was Orphi, with that smirk, God I hate that smirk.
I looked at the other three. They all seemed to be suddenly very interested in their shoes. At that moment I knew this guy had used his powers of manipulation to convince these poor souls he was there leader or something.
"I don't know what you told these guys, but I'm not gonna let you convince them that we aren't their friends, sure we didn't exactly want new students but whatever. I think I speak for everyone when I say we would much rather have them be our friends than they become a little cult with you that sacrifices us one at a time." I was getting fired up. Also, that was one breath and I was panting at this point.
"Excuse me?" He said.
"You heard me!" At this point everyone else had gone quiet and were now watching my debate.
"Well I-"
That's when Kac mumbled so quietly I could barely hear him, "She's right."
"What?!" Orphi snapped.
"Orphi," Sage spoke up. Her voice wasn't particularly quiet but it didn't make a big deal about itself if you know what I'm talking about, "we need to experience this school in our own way."
" I don't understand" Orphi wined
" She said what not gonna do what you say! Oh my god, it's not that hard to understand. The deal's off." D ranted
"What deal?" Capricorn interjected.
"He told us he would get his rich daddy to give us stuff if we promised to be his friends and follow him around everywhere." D explained
Orphi was blushing and sweating at this point as he was shot with dirty looks. Did I feel bad? No, I hate this guy! But even as I told myself this I knew something in me was softening for Orphi who had just become the outcast at Zodiac High.
"Fine!" Orphi slammed his lunch tray on the table and left the lunchroom stomping. We watched him leave and after he had rounded the corner we all turned to Kace, Delilah, and Sage.
"So," Sagittarius addressed the three, "did you guys no each other before coming out here?"
"None of your buisness!" D snapped at us there was silence and Kace and Sage both gave her this look like 'we are NOT doing this again.'
She muttered "sorry"
Sage told us, "we weren't to the same middle school. We've been friends for a long time and we hated our old school and the people who run this school came to our school asking for volunteers. We were the first group to sign up."
"That's cool." And "oh"'s came from the threes small audience. I got this feelings there was so much more to this small group. I was determined to know more about them. And believe me I would get what I wanted eventually.
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