somthin be happnin next week- ch. 9

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Cancer pov

I tapped my pencil, thinking about how I didn't have a date to homecoming. Mr. Apus droned on as I scanned the room for potential dates. I found myself looking at each person and going no, no, no, n-
  That's when I felt a piece of paper hit the back of my head and I turned around angrily to see who it was but I couldn't seem to determined the culprit. I picked up the crumpled piece of paper and threw it into the trashcan five feet away from me. Well, more like next to the trash can because I definitely missed. I put my head on the desk and pretty much just took a nap for the rest of the period. A 45 minute class period later I felt someone shaking me  awake. I peeled open my sleepy eyes and Capricorns face came into focus. He was leaning over my desk and trying to wake me up as the rest of the class filed out.
  "You know you missed a pretty interesting class" he said.
  "Of course you would say that." I sighed and stood up to join Capricorn. He chuckled a bit but it seemed fake. Suddenly my mother bird instincts went into overdrive and I leaped to my friends side, "Hey, are you ok? What's going on?"
   "Nothing, I-I'm fine."
   I saw him steal a sideways glance at the trash can as he fiddled with his shirt almost in a nervous kind of way. But before I could say anything he cleared his throat and announced we were leaving the room now.
   As we walked to the lunchroom I got this feeling, this pull telling me to go back to the classroom and just, check.... We rounded the corner and I told Cap I was going to the bathroom and assured him I would be back.
   I ran down to the corridor and pretty soon I was standing over that trash can. I picked up the ball of paper lying on the ground and unfolded it, it read,
   "Cancer! Heeeyyyyyyy Canc to you maybe sorta kinda want to go to homecoming with me?
   I stared at the paper but I didn't have enough time to think because at that moment Capricorn came busting through the door.

   Capricorn pov

   It clicked suddenly that there was no way Cancer had gone back just to go to the bathroom. He was going to read my note. My lungs tore with panic and I regretted my decision as I bolted down the hallway. When I ripped through the doorway I saw, with horror that it was too late. A long terrible silence stretched between me and the water sign as Cancer glanced from the paper to me to the paper and finally stared back at me. His eyes softened and Cancer said quietly,
   " Cap I-"
  But I didn't let him finish. I took off running. I'm sorry I just panicked. Don't judge me... I ran to the corner and punched the wall cursing myself as I felt my eyes begin to sting and I slid down the wall. I curled up in a ball on the ground and buried my face in my hands. I always thought things through. I was always so careful and now I messed up and I could loose my best friend. That's when I felt gentle hands removing my fingers from over my eyes. I looked up and there was cancer, squatting next to me.His brown eyes glittered in the schools fluorescent lighting.
   "You didn't let me finish." Cancer interlaced our fingers and brought me up so we were both standing, our faces so close together I could feel the body heat he radiated. " I would love to go to homecoming with you."
   And with that he locked his lips with mine, I didn't protest. He threw his arms around my neck and in that moment my brain exploded and I felt like I was in some teen movie. I was so content.

Scorpio pov.

   I walked down the hall to go meet my girlfriend for lunch I had known her forever and  ever since I was a little girl I had had a huge crush on her. I was happily lost in my own thoughts and being happy about the fact that I didn't have to stress about getting a date for homecoming when someone interrupted my daydream.
   There was Gemini. He kept ringing his hands and sweating and my guard was up instantly at the sight of this person I didn't know. " What do you want Gemini?" I sighed, blowing one of my blonde hairs out of my eyes.
   "C'mon we're friends right? You can just call me Gem and I can call you Scorp."
    "ok Gemini back to my previous question, what do you want?"
   The air sign see me ed to be drifting off in thought and I sighed saying, "Gemini? GEMINI!" I snapped my fingers right in front of his eyes and he jumped out of whatever daydream he was having.
  "Right, um... I need a date to homecoming."
   "You know I'm not into boys and I have a girlfriend, right?"
   " Oh god no! No, no, no, no, no. I wasn't trying to ask you out I just need advice."
   "pfft! Ok first, why would you ask me for advice on how to get a date and second, why don't you just go with your friends, I don't think Leo have a date you guys could just go and hang out."
   " First, IDK you and Pices  just seem to be really good together and second, that's a great idea."
   He ran off and I waved to my new friend "bye Gem!" and I continued on my way to go find Pices so we could eat lunch together.

Sagittarius pov

   I sat at the lunch table alongside Virgo and Libra. Things had been kind of weird between them but it didn't take long for them to get over it being them. I however was stressing about something else, I turned to my friends and flopped my face down loudly on the lunch table. "I don't know if someone is going to ask to the dance and I don't feel like asking someone but I don't know if I even want someone to ask me uuggghhhhh" I looked up, "that was one breath."
    They just laughed and Virgo bought up, "What about Taurus. You guys seemed to be hitting it off."
  The other two girls probably saw the blush creeping up my cheeks and the earth sign shouted, "Ha! I was right!"
   I buried my face in my hands and my voice came out muffled through my fingers, " Shut up!" which just resulted in more giggles. I moved my hands only to see a mop of black hair take a seat across from me. Taurus. I could almost feel my friends next to me holding back 'Ha!'s but I tries not to turn into a tomato.
   "Heeeyyyyyyy Sagi"
   "Heeeyyyyyyy Tauri"
   An awkward silence stretched but was quickly broken when Libra couldn't contain her laughed anymore and spit chocolate milk across the table. Not wanting to distract from me and Taurus She silently wiped it up with her sleeve and continued eating her lunch.
  "Anyway," I said, "what's up?"
  " I um, Do you want to go to homecoming with me?"
   Libra and Virgo and snorted.
  " Um, where is this coming from."
  "You're just a cool person and I want to take a cool person to my first homecoming."
  "Well, bye."
  Taurus left the spot across from me and I put my face on the table. "I'm dead."

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