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Zodiac High by pokeiman1994
Zodiac Highby Iman Peden
Drama, humor, betrayal and heartbreaks! Welcome to senior year at Zodiac High! From fall to graduation, this is going to be unforgettable year for the 12 zodiacs.
Crazy stars (a zodiac story) by vikimonster2004
Crazy stars (a zodiac story)by tori
Four schools, twelve challenges, one winner A story about twelve students who got picked to represent their schools in a tournament, which takes place once a decade.
Constellations by vikimonster2004
Constellationsby tori
Ever wondered how hard it is to be human? Well, read as the constellations tries to be one Join their exciting journey of drama, twist, overcoming, and growth. ~~~~~~~~~...
Zodiac High by Dennie_D
Zodiac Highby Dennie2000
In this story, there gonna be highly confusions about ships that who will end up with whom. It includes love triangle, jealousy and cute relationship dramas. #1 scorpio...
What is this groupchat? (a zodiac gc) by vikimonster2004
What is this groupchat? (a zodiac...by tori
3am, that's when the idea hits differently and that's when a bored person decided to open a groupchat with a bunch of not so random people from school.
ZODIAC HIGH PART 2 by pokeiman1994
I reached my maximum with the other book, so I have to finish the rest of the chapters in this book.
zodiac high by RavenvsHomosapiens
zodiac highby Ravey
(FINISHED) watch twelve teens start out at a high school designed for them as they leave behind there cringy middle school ways and begin to be dramatic hopelessly roma...
Zodiac High (ON HOLD)  by notsoinnocentchild_
Zodiac High (ON HOLD) by They call me papi~
Meet the Zodiacs, Aries,Taurus ,Gemini ,Cancer ,Leo ,Virgo ,Libra ,Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn, Aquarius ,and Pisces. And follow them as they get into trouble, br...
Zodiac High by k3IR4_001
Zodiac Highby P!xysvo
Mystery, drama, revelations, love and revenge. 12 teenagers have been put in a class to go against a fearsome group but the real challenges are what they face along the...
Zodiac Boarding School by S-Hope-94
Zodiac Boarding Schoolby S-Hope-94
Zodiacs in the same boarding school. There is definitely going to be some romance and a whole lot of drama.
Kimberlite High  //  A Zodiac Story by Andro-meda-
Kimberlite High // A Zodiac Storyby Andromeda
A class trip ended up with twelve unconscious students, a partially blown-up bus, and newfound oddities. Just another day for the students of Kimberlite Highschool, rig...
Zodiac High  by OohLoveee
Zodiac High by you left me
Everything is normal in high schools but when 12 students join in everything becomes... different. Can these 12 students face the dangers ahead of them?
•Zodiac High• by StohbIt
•Zodiac High•by StohbIt
A school with lots of teens, but 12 extraordinary teens also went in, many more adventures awaits
Serendipity | | Zodiac Fanfiction by -silent_smiles-
Serendipity | | Zodiac Fanfictionby hanna
"Each and every one of you is beautiful, no matter how much you are perceived negatively by others." "There is always a heart of gold beneath eyes burning...
Zodiac High by Queen_Snow_Wolf
Zodiac Highby Snow~sama
Zodiac Highschool is a place where only twelve people a year is chosen to get in! Unfortunately, you can't just sign up, you have to be wealthy and top in your middle sc...
Zodiac Signs by SoftElish
Zodiac Signsby •Elisha•
One shots, ships, most likely to stuff, random scenarios, thoughts about the signs, aesthetic signs, face claims for the signs, best compatibly and other random zodiac s...
Zodiac High; Freshman Year by Chazen06
Zodiac High; Freshman Yearby Clara
The Zodiac Signs have their own school, blah, blah, blah. You've probably read other stories titled 'Zodiac High' but this one doesn't involve people getting pregnant, h...
The Zodiac Drama by LinsDiaries
The Zodiac Dramaby lin lin
There Are 2 Schools Who Are Combining For A Temporary Time . But....... There Might Be Drama In Between The Students Of The School. Find Out Next. Made by lins diaries
Zodiac High by Efbjotzng5
Zodiac Highby MJ
This story is about the zodiacs living a normal life. They all attend the same high school and well it's not always easy with them. There will be drama, friendship, love...