shut up their a cute couple. ch. 5

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  I'm gonna poo myself! we are at 1k thanks so much guys!
warning: if you are homophobic... bye!
pices pov

First period! I was super excited. I can be a bit of a shy bean sometimes, but at least I had my best friend since seventh grade with me , her name was Scorpio and bring around her just felt natural to me. We had also made a new friend, Virgo. She seemed pretty cool from what she told us.
  our first class was starting soon so we took a seat on the left side of the room. Then Scorpio turned to me and said, " Wait here a second."
  She walked to the front of the room and had a whispered conversation with our teacher Ms. Orion, who was reading at her desk, waiting for class to start.
  When she returned she was beaming. It was nice to see her so happy, but why? What's going on? I don't know honestly. She sat down next to me without saying a word and the teacher began to speak.
  "Well class we have had a small change of plans. Today we will be looking at pices compatibles with the other signs."
  Some kids blushed deeply and others burst into laughter.
  "Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Cancer are considered to be the best signs to share a relationship with Pices."
  Scorpio blushed lightly and looked directly into my eyes she was the only one in the room who's skin glowed under the florescent lights in the classroom. Her face broke into a smile. She nearly screamed, " I knew it!"
  She leaped into my arms and we held uncomfortably for a beet before separating. Scorp was blushing even deeper now and she said softly, " Pices, will you be my girlfriend?"
  I screamed in joy! leaping once again into her arms and crying softly into her shoulder. I loved her, but my unknowing homophobic parents would not. I could deal with that later.
  People cheered and I became very aware Everyone was watching us. We dislocated and held hands under the table for the rest of the class. I was kinda bored with the lesson so I glanced around the room at my classmates. I wondered who was staring at who. A girl I knew to be named Sagittarius, or saggi as most people call her, doodling in her notebook. A boy named Taurus was staring at her. He seemed to be zoning out, probably lost in the waves of her uniquely pink hair.
  Next to be was Libra. She was biting her lip in concentration  and watching Leo, as if she was confused. She seemed to be evaluating something
and you could see her mind working hard. Leo on the other hand, was spinning a pencil in his hand and staring off into space, I wondered what he was thinking about.
  Capricorn was casting quick sideways glances at Cancer next to him. Cancer watched the teacher, pretending not to notice.
  Aries looked like she was remembering something, her eyes lost in a daydream as she gazed at aquarius who was asleep.
  Virgo and Gemini both seemed to be zoning out and humming. Deep in thought and probably inventing something amazing in there mi is tbh. I thought they could be a couple and wondered if they ever talked.
  When the bell rang me and Scorp walked hand in hand to our next class as everyone else chattered around us. 

time ski to lunch

Aquarius pov

  I walked to lunch with Gemini and Leo. Leo was going on and on about how be had seen a face in the window of our dorm last night.
  "I am telling you guys, I saw someone. There was a face."
  Gemini looked at him skeptically as we slowly walked through the halls to the lunch room,
  "Well who was it then?"
  "I don't know.. I couldn't TELL!"
  "Maybe.. it was a ghost then."
  "Don't be an idiot Gemini ghosts aren't real."
  "That's your opinion."
   This two loved to fight in a playful way. They were both very passionate about their ideas and beliefs. Gemini was superstitious and loved to believe stories of ghosts and possession and he had already told us conspiracy theories he thought were fascinating. Leo, on the other hand, thought that was all bull crap. Me, honestly I didn't really care. They continued to argue,
  "You can't prove ghosts exist!" Leo said.
  "There are real pictures and videos it there of ghosts." Gemini protested.
  "Gemini *sigh* there's something called photoshop. If you can not see it it's not there."
  "You can't see gravity. How do you prove gravity exists if you can't see it."
  "I can drop an apple."
  Leo did that weird little hair flick guys with long-ish hair do as we walked into the lunchroom. There was only one table, probably because there was only twelve students.
  Leo, being the biggest social butterfly of the group, grabbed his lunch with us and strutted to the table confidently. I sat between Gem (Gemini) and Leo towards the middle of the table. Three girls sat across from us and were chatting amongst themselves and glad some reason squished the three of them onto one narrow two person seat. A girl with brown hair and had been drawing on her hand and attempting to scribble on her blond friend noticed us and introduced the three of them to us.
  " Hi Leo, and you two are Gemini and Aquarius right?"
  I nodded, and Gem, who had his nose in a book just muttered, "yu huh,"
  I said to the girl, "yeah that's us, but most people call us Aqua and Gem."
  "ok Aqua and Gem, My name is Libra. This is Sagittarius, but we call her Saggi. She is probably not gonna respond right now because she is zoning out fantasizing  about Taurus, lol. This dashing blondey who I was trying to draw on is named Aries."
  I thought it was kinda weird that she said 'LOL' in a sentence and not ironically but whatever. I looked at Aries and something felt familiar. Like I had known her from somewhere. Her eyes are what really made me think I knew her. They were deep and looked like they were scanning you. Reading your mind and finding the deepest darkest secrets that no one could ever know. Leo and Libra had started talking so I decided to strike up a conversation with her.
  "Aries, am I crazy or do I know you from somewhere?"
  Her cheeks turned red, "I um, maybe, I don't know. How am I supposed to know?!"
  "I am chill."
  Then it hit me. I had had this conversation(chill, I am chill) a million times with a girl I had a crush on in fith grade. I had sang to her... I had sang to her... I probably sounded cringy af but I really liked her. Could this be her?
  "Aries, did I sing to you in fith grade?"
   She turned red as a fire truck and paused before looking me straight in the eyes and saying,
  " um..yeah."

a/n: I liked this chapter! writing romance is weird and I don't know if I'm doing this right but I tried! I just had the pices pov at first but then I had to add a second one because it as only 500 words. Love you, bye!

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