Chapter 10-homecoming pt. 1

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A/n: so this is part one of homecoming. More homecoming stories coming next to chapter! Alright guys please enjoy! Love ya!

Gemini pov

Le night of homecoming

I stared at the mirror fixing my hair and stressing about how I look. I was only going with friends but I still wanted to look good for a formal event such as homecoming. I heard Aquarius and Leo yelling at me from the other rooms to hurry up so we could go.
"Alright, alright I'm coming!" I shouted and ran my brush through my blonde locks one last time before grabbing my coat and running out in the rain with the other guys to get to the main building.
We walked into the decorated gymnasium and we're blasted by Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Various other groups of people entered and stood around waiting for everything to start. Aquarius spotted Aries and said,
"Well that's my cue I'll see you guys later, Hey Aries!!!"
"Bye!" we waved.
That left me and Leo. I'm not an idiot, Leo was staring at Libra and he obviously wanted to go ask her to dance or talk to her or something I don't know.
"Go on." I said.
"What do you mean."
I raised my eyebrow and he knew I knew. He blushed, "Ummm, are you sure? You know what I'm gonna do it!"
And off he marched flaunting his usual over confidence. I sighed and awkwardly held my elbows by myself in the corner. I set off to the unisex bathroom in the gym. When I got there I noticed a girl's makeup bag on the side of the sink. I don't know why I did what I did next. I grabbed the bag and went into a stall that I locked behind me. Sitting on the toilet I tore open the bag and began to impulsively slather the products on my skin.
After applying every product in the tiny bag I sat in silence. I didn't know how I was feeling. It was all so confusing. But what really hit me is that when I looked at the mirror attached to the blush, something just felt right. I took a deep breath and opened the stall door to see a fully dressed up Virgo looking for bag. That's when She met my eyes and scanned my face, her eyes softened. I half expected her to say something really emotional and maybe start crying but she just said,
"Oh honey let me help you with that" and she fixed my makeup. It felt so nice and when I looked in the mirror I looked like the truest version of myself. When she was done she grabbed my hand and said,
"So, is Gem good?" I nodded, "great!" And she pulled me out onto the dance floor and I felt like like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I had been holding the sky and now I was running through the clouds.

Taurus pov

I entered the music infused room and my eyes immediately landed on Sagittarius her long cyan dress sparkled and her pink hair was curled in a bun knotted loosely on the back of her head. Her eyes met mine and when I got to her it was immediately awkward.
"So..." I improvised, "You look nice,"
"Oh shut up and dance with me Taur," She laughed and dragged me onto the dance floor. We jumped and shimmied to the beat of 'shut up and dance' by walk the moon. It was a blur of Laughter and my dark hair blinding me and multi colored balloons.
The energy of the room must have given sagi more confidence because she danced along right beside me. Her hair eventually fell from it's bun and fell beautifully over her shoulders, the faded pink was becoming my new favorite color as time passed.
We didn't stay in that room very long though because she pulled me away from the decorated gym and I, for some reason, followed her without question. She pulled me up a couple stair cases and a ladder and suddenly I found myself on the roof.
"Me and Libra found this place on one of our first days at this school. We were just kinda bored." She said like it was a casual thing, and sat down on the cold roof and patted the spot next to her. Gesturing for me to sit down.
We stared at the stars in silence and it was so peaceful and romantic. I looked over to Sagittarius her skin glowed in the moonlight and her hair blew behind her with the soft evening breeze. She must have noticed me staring because she said to me softly,
"It's a beautiful night," (we're looking for something dumb to do) when I didn't say anything she continued, " Taurus, I really, really like you."
There was silence and the only thing I could think to do was crash my lips into hers.

Cancer pov

I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't nervous, I mean, come on, I'v only been in one other relationship and we all know how that ended... But I put on best suit, combed my hair and found Capricorn outside the gym. Wow. I don't know what happened but suddenly Capricorn just struck me as... wow.
Crap, I probably looked like an idiot just standing there gawking. But he just laughed light heartedly. Ugh, that laugh is gonna kill me. Alright cancer chill.
"So," he said with a small smile creasing onto his face, " shall we go in?"
He reached out his hand. And I blushed and went to intertwine our fingers, (but not before awkwardly wiping the sweat off my palms on my shirt.)
Loud music thumped and suddenly my confidence rocketed as the melodies filled my ears. I pulled Cap to the dance floor and at first he didn't notice my terrible dance moves. It was fun but I have always been a terrible dancer.
A couple minutes passed and Capricorn must have noticed my limb flailing I called dancing. He burst into laughter and I tried to act offended but I couldn't contain myself and started laughing to. His laugh was so amazingly contagious.
But I quietly cursed myself when a slow song started playing and our laughing faded. Speechless by Rachel plattern hummed and Capricorn broke the silence by pulling me close to him and wrapping his arms around my waist. Cap was taller than me so I stretched my arms up and wrapped them around his neck. I buried my face in his chest and I felt him chuckle, probably at how Cliche I was being but I didn't care because everyone else in that room HAD to be thinking 'Damn those two are so cute!'
We swayed gently and it was the classic high school dance experience I had always wanted. My heart thumped to the slow beat of the song and as I held the man of my dreams close to me the trauma of everything I've gone through in my past seemed to fall away in that moment. That moment was soft and sweet and I said what was on my mind,
"Hey Cap," I whispered, " I love you"
The silence from him scared me and I began to panic and think I said the wrong thing at wrong time when he said into my hair, "I love you too"

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