confrontation and flirtation ch.4

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Capricorn pov.

  I was sat studying m in the library before first period with cancer and Taurus. Well, I was studying. Taurus was intensely playing crossy road on his phone and cancer was complaining.
  " Heeeyyyyyyy Caaaaappp."
  "Yes, Canc.."
  "Can we go to the lake?"
   "Do you not want me to get a good grade?"
   "Cap, It's our first actual day of school there's like, nothing to study."
   "FINE... we can go to the lake," cancer cheered, "you coming Taurus?"
   Taurus barely glanced up from his game, "I'll pass.. DANG IT CAR!!," he saw how confused we were," I lost."
   "Oh.." me and cancer said in unison then we turned and headed for the lake that was on the front lawn of the school. The grass was green and the rep was only the tiniest bit of fall. There a few orange leave a scattered around and there was  the tiniest autumn crisp in the air.
   When we got to the lake we sat down on the grass at the edge of the water. I stuck my toes in the water Which was cold but I didn't really mind. But I noticed Cancer was shivering with his legs tucked close to his chest. I sighed, he was so.. fragile. I took off my black coat and wrapped it around him, he gave me a week smile in response.
  I was getting kind of concerned so I said, "hey, you alright?"
  "No your not, I can tell."
  I have known Canc since we were in third grade and we were one of those fairly uncommon cases where we came here with a friend. I knew him well enough to sort of read his moods, and he wasn't in a good one. He lolled at me and sighed, "No, I'm not."
  "Whats going on?"
  "Today's Finn's birthday."
I could see tears welling up in my friends eyes and it all came back to me, Before we were transferred to zodiac high after 8th grade, Canc came out as gay in seventh grade and started dating this guy named Finn. I was fully supportive of Cancer but I flat out HATED Finn. I- I don't know why.. Anyway, Canc had really cool supportive parents, his mom was religious and his dad was an atheist but they were both very ok with him being gay. Finn's family didn't take it as well, he was abused and they were both bullied at school. Then one day, it was, uh, too much for Finn, and he um ended it all.
   This was devastating for Cancer. He didn't return to school for nearly a month but eventually his parents made him. I don't think he has fully recovered yet as be still cries when he thinks about him and as a friend, It has definitely taken a toll on me as well.
  After a moment of silence Canc said to me, " I slept very poorly last night."
  "Take a nap then."
  "ok then."
  I expected his to lay back on the grass, but to my surprise, still wrapped in my coat, Cancer laid his head on my lap and can to drift into sleep. I was frozen for a second then I chuckled and stroked his soft light brown hair. It was so peaceful.

Taurus pov. Two povs in one chapter? Oh my ggooooodddd

  I got bored in the library real quick by myself. I grabbed my sandwich which I had made myself and for some reason decided to eat it in a tree. Don't ask why, I just like trees and climbing them. I headed to the back lawn of the school because I didn't want it to seem like I was spying on Canc and Cap. Who were probably off making out or something. Are they gay? I haven't asked them because I don't want to make them uncomfortable or anything but they seem like they could be a cute couple.
   I found a nice tree and climbed up high where people couldn't see me but I could see everything I potted three girls not far beneath the tree I was in two of them shouted "Lafayette!"  and the third started rapping words I couldn't make out in a really terrible French accent. The third girl shrieked as the other two jumped on her, once again saying, "Lafayette!!!" Then all the pieces came together, the scream, the pink hair. She had been in my bathroom last night! I didn't want to confront her. I wasn't mad, just confused. I decided to find out why she was in my house, but be chill about it.
  I dropped out of the tree not realizing I would land two feet away from them and jump scare them out of there minds. All three of them leaped like two feet in the air when I was suddenly in front of them. I laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of my neck, " S-sorry, I'm um Taurus."
   I held out my hand and the pink hair girl I wanted to talk to calmed down a little bit and shook it. "I'm Sagittarius, or saggi. This is Libra and Aries, she featured to the two girls next to her who still seemed very taken aback.
    "Do you need something or.." Sagittarius asked. Pulling her hand away. It was at that moment that I mentally kicked myself realizing I hadn't let go of her hand and held it definitely longer than was acceptable. I would continue to mentally kick myself after I blurted out,  "why were you in my dorm?" IDIOT!!
   She turned bright red and began mumbling half words," I-uh-they-she-dorm.. Aries!"
   She shoved the girl named Aries in front of her, probably because the other girl (Libra) couldn't help her because she was laughing hysterically. Aries sighed and told me," We were bored so we decided to sneak out of our dorm and spy on the  other dorms. Saggi got caught. Simple as that. And I have some questions for you mister!"
  "Aries chill" Libra said, but Aries didn't listen.
  " Why were you stalking us from a tree, that's really weird! Also why were you just brain dead holding Saggi's hand. Were you reliving some horrific childhood event or.. wait... do-do  you have a crush on Saggi?!"
    " What?! No!"
    She gave me a 'yeah right' look and I tried to say something back but I had nothing. Defeated, I speed walked away from the group silently, one again repeatedly mentally kicking myself in the face.

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