chapter 15: spilling thoughts (plus more truth or dare)

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Ravey: Yo, original zodiacs

Virgo: the squad *throws hands in the air*

Pices: *shoves hand down*

Ravey: we're taking a field trip to super market so we can play the floor is lava.

Taurus: any excuse to be a child is a good excuse

Sagittarius: truth.

at the super market

actually playing the floor is Lava: Pices, Taurus, Virgo

trying way to hard at the floor is Lava: Leo, scorpio, Aries

not paying attention and racing in shopping carts before inevitably crashing: Libra and Sagittarius

taking videos on there phone: Gem, Aqua

eating grapes out of open bags: Cancer, Capricorn

Ravey: I'm so proud of my children


Ravey: Virgo, Gem, You get to paint the nails and do makeup for all the male signs

Leo: * pushes to the front if the group* I want gold holographic nails and a highlight on my cheek bones that literally blinds people when they look at me in the sun.

Gem: Yes of cOUrse dARling

Virgo: LOL ok

5 minutes later

Leo: Oh I'm beautiful (as always)

Taurus: seriously

Virgo: out turn taur , I'm thinking earth tones

Gem: Then you cap, You need a bold lip to overpower your boringness

Cap: Hey!

Aqua: shots fired!

Virgo: I'm thinking cool colors for aqua

Cancer: hehe

Gem: oh I almost forgot about you Cance

Cancer: oh... yay?

Ravey: wow who know boys such as these could be made beautiful

Virgo: I know right? Me and Gem are miracle workers


Ravey: here we are at debateybate debate

Scorpio: Was that English?

Capricorn: Debates can be cool

Ravey: Leo and Libra will debate who has the better names for inanimate objects!

Capricorn: ok never mind

Cancer: I'm REady

Pices: I don't know... They're both so competitive...

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