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I created this an epilogue for when the signs are all older and some of them are parents and just read it it's cute.

I walked down the halls of Zodiac high, a place that had changed my life. "Mom, I want to take the tour! Did we lose the group! I must make the Libra sign look good!!!"
   I patted my beautiful daughters head, remembering my first day here, "you'll be fine Bree. If anyone if going to embarrass their sign it's your brother, where is Lee?"
   "With dad."
   With perfect timing my husband came running around the corner with our younger son on his back. He was making airplane noises as Lee spread his arms as if he was flying. I guess Leo will always be Leo. I kissed my baby daddy on the cheek and went to meet the others. We walked into a small classroom, the same one I had entered so many years ago and where I had met my best friends, my family.

    The first to greet me was Saggi obviously, after graduation we had shared a dorm for a while. She hugged me tight and brought up inside jokes I hadn't heard in a while. She now worked as a journalist and she's traveled all over the world for her stories but always made sure to come back to her two kids and husband She had baby carrier strapped to her back with a gorgeous black haired child they called T.

    A long with her she dragged her husband Taurus who had been busy talking to his sone who would be going to Zodiac high this year. This older child named Sam had colored hair that fell loosely around his face and seemed just as peaceful and pleasant to be around as his parents. Taur was a professional chef now. Apparently his love for food had drove him to want to create his own.

    Then came Aries who gave me a soft hug and a gentle hello she had matured into adulthood well and was rocking that boss birch look with shoulder pads and everything she ran an incredibly successful business that sold point shoes while dancing herself in her free time. She didn't have kids but sure was expecting one. Her baby bump was huge and amazing.

    Along her side was her husband Aquarius.
While he talked to me aqua kept glancing at his lovely wife's stomach as he expected the baby to just pop out any second. He was a professional swimmer and oh boy did Aries love to tell me how good he looked in a speedo.

    It didn't take long for me to run into Virgo who told me she was engaged! When I screamed in excitement she ran over and grabbed none other than Sage, the girl she had been obsessed with for most of high school. Apparently they lost touch after graduation and then both went on to become therapists and met at a training seminar. Once they were working together they kind of just, fell for each other.

I shook Sages hand and when I hugged her she said, "not to tight! We don't want to squish the baby." I swear I must have screamed way to much and probably cried. Her baby bump was certainly less noticeable than Virgo's but she loved it just as much.

Gem straight up walked into me in her clumsy way. She grabbed her chest in pain but she told me it was a good pain. She had just gotten surgery to get boobs and they looked good. She said she had just gotten out of breakup but she was doing just fine being single, that is until she noticed Kace in the corner and how good looking he'd gotten. She was now a preschool teacher and loving it. I had seen her in the news paper a couple times for her teaching young children about the fluidity of sexuality and gender and how revelation art it was to which she always responded, "It's not revolutionary, or at least it shouldn't be."

I wandered over to Kace with her and through her flirtatious attempts learned that he was single as well and was a nurse at a children's hospital. I decided to let her swoon while I crossed the room to a screaming baby being held by cancer.

"Shhhh..." he cooed as the baby whined. Cancer smiled at me and told me he hadn't used the bathroom in seven hours before handing the baby to Capricorn and running out of the room. Cap introduced me to their ban cece. Cap and canc apparently went to the same college which Cancer later told Cap wasn't by accident and proposed. Capricorn cradled the baby and told me he was a doctor now and it's all he could do ever dream of.

Cancer scurried back into the room and took the baby. He seemed disappointed when he heard Cap got to tell the engagement story instead of himself. Now Cancer and his best friend (after Capricorn) Scorpio wrote and performed music together. He was living his dream life, he told me.

Scorpio ran over to Canc with pen and notebook in her hand. She had a guitar slung around her back and looked more her than she ever had, did I mention her hair was entirely dyed black? She greeted me and continued spewing about ideas for a new song with Cancer.

Scorp's wife Pices walked over to us dragging her teenaged daughter behind her, who seemed to hate being there. Pices introduces her to their daughter Pices who was also going to Zodiac high this year and was named Silvia. She was soon swept away by my own daughter Bree though. Pices hair had gotten really long and she was a painter professionally.

The principal, our old friend Delilah (deli) and her vice principal Orphi walked into the room. They were totally best friends with a secret handshake and everything. They gave us a short talk and left to chat with the next generation of students. My professional soccer player husband hugged me and I for the first time in a long time, was loving every aspect of my life. I had beautiful children, an amazing husband and friends, and my dream job as an author with a pretty popular series. For once in my life, everything was just great.
The end

I think I might post another story I've been writing. Would you guys like that? I hope you had fun with this book and let me know what you liked so I can incorporate the good parts into other stories I write.

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