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  AAAAAHHHHH! I dont usually get a ton of reads. The most any of my other books have is like 250 I think. I know usually people count like 5k as a milestone but 600 reads is a lot for me. I refreshed my phone and it said this story had 599 reads and I joked on the water I was drinking, one hour later BOOM, 600! You have no idea how happy this makes me, I have always been a writer but for people to actually read my work is  crazy for me! I really want to give back. Is there anything you guys want to see? TELL ME! I want to hear you OTPs for this story, I want the ENEMIES, I want to hear the deep back stories and insecurities the signs have. Do they have a darkest secret that's making them distance themselves from everyone else. TELL ME! PLEASE! dm me or comment. That was long winded.. I love you guys and I will see you later!

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