so perfect for now, ch. 6

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Guess what? I'm not dead! Alright enjoy this chapter because I love it! Also  what pov do you want to see next?
Virgo pov

Everyone seemed to have something. What did I have? I glance around the lunch table and I see a lot of things, happening to a lot of people. To my right, Pices and Scorpio are being all flirty and just couple goals to be honest. Across from them I see Cancer and Capricorn talking quietly and sitting close together. Taurus sat across from saggi as he wrote something in a notebook, glancing up at her to see her staring into space or humming a song from a musical. Libra and Leo sat across from each other leaning forward with their arms in the table and talking/laughing about something random. Aquarius sat back with his arms crossed as Aries blushed madly and stuttered. But none of this seemed to currently have anything to do with me.
I consider myself to have a great talent at seeing a good match. I saw a ton of them here, at least for now, they all had their match. Who could be mine. The only available sign was Gemini. He wasn't exactly my type though. Besides I'm kind of still figuring out my type, you know, my gender type. I need to hang out with someone. They don't necessarily have to be a romantic interest of mine but I can't always be third wheeling Pices and Scorpio until I'm old and gross. I looked at Sagittarius next to me and poked her gently,
"Can I hang out with you guys later I need something to do."
" Yeah I don't see why not."
I might get some friends, this should be fun!

*timeskip to after school*

Libby added 'Virgo' to 'the poop squad' chat

Libby: Hey y'all want to meet it on the field later and hang out

me: Sounds fun!

Sag: I'll be there

Aries: sorry can't

Libby: what why?

Sag: She's probably meeting up with Aqua


me: OMG she is!

Sag: wait, seriously?

Libby: ooooooooooooooo Aries has a crush!

Aries: psh, shut up. Who named this group chat 'the poop squad' by the way?

Sag:* raises hand*

Libby: you're such a dark lord

Libby: **dork

Libby: You aren't Voldemort.

me: LOL I'm dead! See you guys in 5!

Sag: see yu!

I turned off my phone and smiled to myself. I was so excited to have friends at zodiac high! I grabbed my coat and slipped on my birkenstocks before heading out the door and saying bye to pices and scorpio.
Before I knew it I was laying in the grass with Libra and Sag. We had our heads together with our bodies all in different directions like in a teen movie. We talked as we stared at the clouds with Libra occasionally pointing out that one looked like an animal that was missing a leg. Then I decided would be the one to bring up the question that was inevitably coming.
"So... do you guys have your eye on anybody?" I commented smirking.
"Libby likes Leo!" Saggi shouted.
"I do not! Anyway, why am I suddenly 'Libby'?"
"Because I decided you needed a nickname! And yes, you obviously do"
" What's that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing.. just that you're madly in love. "
I laughed at their playful bickering and wondered quietly if their claims about each other were true. Then Lib asked,
"what about you, who appears in your dreams, who makes you feel alive but also makes you feel like you want to die"
"don't be so dramatic" Sag interjected.
"hush now, Virgo, what's your type?"
I sighed, "It used to just be boys but now I think I'm Bi"
There was a moment of silence before Libra spoke up, "Not what I meant, but that's chill"
"Yeah, you do you."
'that's chill' 'you do you' you have no idea what wave of relief washed over me and I just felt at peace. Just to make the moment perfect, I said to Libra,
"Do you actually like Leo?"
"Oh. My. God. Whyyyyyyyyy"

Aries pov

After lunch Aquarius had secretly pressed a note into my palm before walking away with his friends, it said,

ɖɛąཞ ąཞıɛʂ,
ɱɛɛɬ ɱɛ ცყ ɬɧɛ Ɩąƙɛ ąɬ ʂɛ۷ɛŋ <3


No joke I almost died. When my friends asked me what's up I just smiled and said nothing even though I was internally fangirling. I was staring at my reflection in the mirror and working on my 'I'm not so nervous that I'm sweating buckets' face When I got the texts from sag and Libby, saggi had been out on a walk and Libby was at the library finding a book at the time. I wasn't planning to tell them where I was going but it just kinda happened... oh well.
I ran a brush through my hair about a million times and made the conscious choice to to change from what I had worn to school so I didn't look like I was trying to hard. Basically I was kind of freaking out.
I put on slip ons and a hoodie and walked into the outside world. It was cold out and I became instantly self conscious about my chapped lips. As I approached the Lake I saw Aqua, he was facing the lake and didn't see we approach. His blue hair really stuck out in the light that was dimming as the sun slowly set. When I was right up behind him I tapped his shoulder gently. When he turned around and saw me his face instantly lit up into a huge smile. I smiled back at him.
"Aries! Hi. I don't really know what t say.. Your hair looks really nice"
At this he ran a hand through my carefully placed hair. I swear I melted at his touch. I probably scared him because I froze and didn't respond. He eventually said,
"Are you, uh, you ok there?"
I was hit by the sudden realization of how stupid I must have looked and I panicked at the disco
"dammit Aries!" I said out loud.
dang it what am I doing?!
I looked at the ground, "I'm sorry I'm being so weird. I should probably just go home. I ju-"
He cut me off by lifting his face and slamming his lions into mine. It was unexpected but definitely not unwanted. When we pulled apart he pressed his forehead against mine and said softly,
"Aries, listen, I like you for you. You don't have to be nervous around me because you are the one I love. Understand?"
I nodded as I tried to keep the tears from streaming down my face. All I could dream of was someone who liked me the way I am. I leaped into his arms and he healed me tightly. I buried my face in the crook in his neck and for the time being, all was well.


We sat staring into the murky blue lake and the setting sun that transformed the sky into a beautiful real life painting. Aqua arm wrapped around and I breathed lightly as I rested my head on his shoulder. The air sign turned to look at me straight in the eyes, those eyes, wow. Right there he said to me, "I want to feel what I feel now, every day of my life."
It all felt so perfect. Dare I say, to perfect. Something had gone right for me. But these teen relationships can't always last long and go smoothly. I knew that, But I had no idea what was coming, what teen angst induced storm of drama was to come to zodiac high.

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