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The zodiacs were all hanging out together peacefully when a girl named Ravey appeared suddenly in the room with average length dark hair with dyed ends, brown eyes, and tan skin appeared in the room. She looked a year or two younger than the zodiac students.

Ravey: Gah!

Sagi: Who are you?!

Libra: It's me! Kinda...

Leo: what?!

Cap: Ravey is a Libra

All signs: ohhhhhhh

Cancer: who's Ravey?

Ravey: I'm the author of this book

Aqua: this what?

Ravey: just don't think about it to much...

Taurus: ok...

Pices: so, why are you here?

Ravey: because we hit 5k reads and it's good to do stuff for milestones.

Scorpio: what do you mean 'reads'????!!!!!

Gem: Scorp, chill

Ravey: anyway my readers are going to send you guys questions as well as dares and it's gonna be really fun!

Gem: readers?

Ravey: forget about it

Virgo : why would even ask at this point gem

Aries: I'm so confused

Ravey: well guys tell the readers thank you! And readers just so you know you can comment or direct message me and you can say if you want me to show your username or not.


rest of the zodiacs: thanks....

Orphi: you can give me questions or dares to....

Sage, Deli, and Kace: and me...

Ravey: oh yeah them too

Air signs: you can ask a group of people too...

Ravey:Yes, yes well bye now!

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