chapter 8: chaos(+note)

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a/n; HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Hey guys happy pride month. I'm not religious or anything but I think everybody, regardless of your religion should be nice to people I mean honestly its not that hard. I am a big supporter of the lgbtqia+ community, I myself being bi, or maybe pan I'm still kind of working that out ( hehe) I've told most of my irl friends and if you know me and you're just finding this out. Hey.

Anyway in this chapter I worked in a couple requests so I hope this made some of you happy and I think there will be a cancer and Capricorn chapter next and/or something involving homecoming.

Libra pov

For the first time in a while, life was great. I had friends and I was staying up to date on my school work. Middle school had sucked and I saw it as this prison I could never escape from. Now I sang down the halls of the school as I walked towards the ladies bathroom. I was rounding the corner when Aries appeared in front of me,
"Hey!" I said to her, smiling.
"Hey.." she said an almost sad tone in her voice, "I don't think we can be friends anymore. I mean, now that I'm with Aqua I need to focus on him and our relationship. I hope you understand."
I just stared at her, speechless and my eyes began to sting without my permission. I tried to respond but nothing was coming out, my mouth went so dry it could have gotten cobwebs in the corners. I felt so defeated. So I just walked away. I could feel her eyes on me as I speed walked away. I felt her tension in considering going after me. She did call after me though and I just left her standing there.
I was already done with the day but I would never forget what I saw when I opened the door. Sitting on the sink was Virgo. It wouldn't have been that weird if she wasn't also having a tongue wrestling match with Leo right there in the girls bathroom with Leo. They hadn't seen me. All I could make myself mutter was, "Seriously?"
They both looked at me, absolutely horrified. I had just become friends with Virgo and Leo was, you know, Leo! Virgo stood up and said, "Libra I-"
"save it!" I said. I knew I might be wrongfully antagonizing everyone today but everyone was really getting on my nerves today. Without saying anything I turned around and started running, I did me stop until I got to my dorm room. Aries wasn't there but Sagi was sitting on the couch eating chips. She immediately saw something was wrong. "Hey, What happened?"
"Something happened Libra you can tell me."
"I'm fine"
She put her hand on my shoulder, " Libby just-"
That's when I shoved her and she fell with an oof.
She looked at me so confused and at that point I knew I was being a jerk but I just needed to jerk rant. I always had to be the listener and the fixer and I was pretty Fricking tired of it! But I took a deep breath and helped my friend off the floor I told he'd everything that happened and I was so glad she could just listen and I could just rant. Suddenly we head the door creaked open and in the doorway stood Leo.

" I hate the word homophobia. Its not a phobia. You're not scared. you're an a**hole."
    -morgan freeman

Leo pov

I stoop in the doorway awkwardly as Libra looked at me like she was gonna start crying soon and Sagi gave me this look like she was ready to stab me for hurting her friend. I took a deep breath,
Suddenly I was tackled by a not so graceful Virgo, she shouted,
"I'm gonna talk to her I'm her friend!"
"So am I!"
"Oh yeah, what's her favorite musical?"
" Hamilton!"
"Ha! That's what it was! She listens to so many musicals that her favorite is Dear Evan Hansen right now. So why don't you just disappear."
"Is that a reference to Dear Evan Hansen."
"Yes, yes it is."
Libra sighed and walked over to us, glancing at the ground before making intense eye contact with both of them.
"Number one, Hamilton is still my baby but Dear Evan Hansen is also my baby. Number two, you have two minutes, go."
"I tried to ask out Gemini"
There was an uncomftoeble silence that crept I to the room following Virgo's declaration. Finally she elaborated,
"Everyone seemed to have their own thing going on, there own someone. I didn't even really like Gemini I just wanted to have someone. I mean I had a crush on Libra but she's obviously straight."
Virgo voice cracked as if she was about to cry and everyone else stated as Libra admitted, "I'm bi actually."
Virho seemed beyond frustrated now, "Well it doesn't matter anyway does it? Because you're obviously hooked on Leo."
Everybody looked at me and I just stood there uncomfortably. I took a moment to take everything in. Tears had streaked down Virgo's face, Libra was obviously trying to figure out what she was hearing and Sagittarius was just kind of awkwardly sstanding in the back of it all twirling her thumbs and biting her lip as though she was watching some suspenseful reality show but it was right here in here own living room. That's when I began to speak.
"Libby, to be honest I kind of thought you friend zoned me. I was frustrated and was just looking for the closest person I could be with and Virgo also being lonely feeling.. honestly there is no feelings between me and Virgo."
Libra nodded slowly and I remembered what Virgo had said about hhomecoming bbeing next week and I spit out, "Do you want to come to homecoming with me Libby?"
Virgo gave me this 'really? In front of me?' stare and Libra just stared and Sagittarius began to sort of silently fan girl behind Libra.
"I'll think about it." and with that Libra gently pushed me and Virgo out of her dorm and closed the door.

" I hate the word homophobia. Its not a phobia. You're not scared. you're an a**hole."
    -morgan freeman

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