Chapter 12-New happenings

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A/n: Gah! I know this is 100 words shorter than my average chapter  but I didn't want to stretch it. Anyway I might be updating a lot because I like writing wooooooooo

Aquarius pov

   I remembered the heat of the spotlight, dancing with Aries and then... it gets foggy. My vision began to clear and I was blinded by Fluorescent lights and I could hear a steady beat of beap beap beap.  It was pretty obvious to me I was in a hospital bed. But it wasn't just me in that room, the eleven from my school were all there standing over me, they were quite the sight.
   Next to me on my left was Aries, it must have been pretty late because she had fallen asleep with her head on the bead by my shoulders.
  Next to Aries, Scorpio, Pices, Virgo and Gemin- I'm sure they would me about it later no need for interrogation on my friends new look.
  The four of them were talking rather quietly while Sagittarius and Taurus, who were drenched in rain, were making terrible puns with Leo and Taurus, who had dirty torn up clothes along with hair caked in dried mud. Well Sagittarius and Libra were punning while Leo and Taurus stood next to their dates and awkwardly pretended they knew what was going on. I heard Libra turn to Leo and say, " Leo, in the words of the spice girls, if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends. Or in this case, my friends friend!"
She pushed him gently toward Taurus.
  "Go," she encouraged, "socialize."
  Taurus and Leo made awkward small talk that was just kind of, eh.
  A woman in doctor's clothes ( who I'm assuming was the doctor) entered and noticed I was awake.
  "He lives!" She stated and all the zodiacs went quiet. They turned and I loved the sight of smiles creeping up their face. Scorpio shook Aries,
   "Aries!" She said, "your boys alive"
  She jolted awake and her eyes locked on me. She grabbed my face and pressed our lips together. This would've been nice if most of the zodiacs didn't go "ew!" And "jeez guys get a room!"
   If course there was also my friends Leo and Gem who whooped and cheered. I think I might have also heard the sound of Scorpio pretending to puke which received giggles from Pices.
   When Aries finally let go and she saw everyone's faces she blushed and sat down quietly. "So,"I said awkwardly, "how was your guys's homecoming?"
   There was a lot of exchanging looks and I could see that the storytellers of this group were dying to get out what they had experienced. Libra, being probably the loudest, was the first to burst into story, followed by a string of everyone else's stories. I found myself laughing hysterically and at times, I'm not gonna lie, I cried a little bit.
   I fiddled with the bandages wrapped around my head and the doctor slapped my hand, "Now, now, don't touch that. Leave that on and you can come back in a couple days and I'll remove it for you." She pressed some medicine into my hand, game me a paper with when to use it written on it and held open the door for us to leave.
   A buss was ordered for us to get back to the boarding school. On the ride Gem caught me up on how he was feeling and that he preferred she. I hugged her and told her I support her completely and I would kick anyone who insulted her in there sensitive parts. She just laughed and said thank you. For the rest of the trip we sang songs and clapped along. I suddenly felt this closeness to my classmates and we may just all be closer after I almost died.
  I heard someone shout from the back, "And the J-z song was on.."
   We all responded in unison and sang "So I put my hands up, their playing my song, the butterflies fly away. I'm nodding my head like 'yeah' I'm moving my hips like 'yeah'" we threw our hands up and laughed at our own immaturity so much we could have shook the buss.
    We got to school and I remembered my first day I came here. I didn't know anybody and frankly I didn't have any friends before that in middle school. Here, I was the only one of my kind and is all being different might be a good thing. And It's not even Halloween yet.. wow I completely forgot about Halloween. That's in... two weeks?
   The doors to the buss creaked open and we all filed out onto the pavement. When we walked into the front lobby we found principal waiting there for us. He smiled,
  "Welcome back students! That was crazy wasn't it? Aquarius, if you'll see me later maybe we can discuss what we can do so the school doesn't get sued. You know what else is crazy? You all have a new classmate!"
   He stepped aside to reveal a tall, light brown haired boy. He had a wide smirk plastered across his face and mischief glinted in his black brown eyes. We gawked at our principal, another student? WTF?! We had just started to grow accustom to each other and a new kid was going to be hard. Besides I didn't like the looks of this guy.
  We stared as the new guy smirked, "Hey, I'm Ophiuchus. You can call me Orphy"
    "Oh and by the way we will be having a non zodiac student inclusion program added. Basically, other than Orphi, you will have three more students joining you."
  With that our principal left us alone and took Orphi to tour the school.
     Well... this is potentially terrible.

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