truth or dare (5k)

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Ravey: Hey hey!!!! (if you didn't read the last chapter this is gonna be real confusing)

Students: hey...

Ravey: We got some questions and dares, y'all ready for this?


Ravey: ok zodiacs,

Sage: aw....

Orphi: I'm a zodiac too!

Ravey: I know... First question, what's your OTP for each other

Sagittarius: LEOBRA

Libra: *faceplams*

Sagittarius: what...

Aqua: Airquarius!

Aries: Aw, that's so sweet but... Scices

Pices: thanks Aries!

Scorpio: *holding pices hand while staring into space* oh yeah... thanks.

Taurus: Cancicorn!

Cancer: Virgibra!

Virgo and Libra: what?!

Capricorn: what? no! Sagirgo

Leo: Nah, Gemirgo

Gem: pfft, Vorphi

Virgo: why do I get shipped with so many people?!

all: ...

Ravey: anyone else?

Libra: Me and me! *breaks into single ladies*

Leo: hey....

Libra: oh sorry Leo 😳 tauritarius

Virgo: Scices

Scorpio: Airquarius

Pices: Taurittatius

Orphi: I don't know any couples...


Ravey: Next! Leo,

Leo: Yes!

Ravey: Who let the dogs out?

Leo: Woooooooooooof *runs wildly into Aquarius*

Aquarius: Hey! *tries to act angry but is holding back laughs*


Ravey: Libra, whats your favorite dog bread?

Libra: PUGS! every day

Ravey: yes. just yes. *high fives Libra*

Libra: LIBRO'S

Sagittarius: Really?


Ravey: Sagittarius, do you like ketchup

Sagittarius: *runs out of room, barfing can be heard in the distance*

Ravey: ok... well more next chapter because I didn't expect so many

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