flashbacks ch. 3

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I was regretting my decision to split up with saggi and be alone with Libra a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I love her but she Fricking would not shut up about that blonde guy we bumped into. I think his name was Leo.
" Do you think he likes me.. oh god.. do I like HIM? I barely know him, Frick! There is no way he likes me. I'm just being stupid, Ariea tell me I'm being stupid!!"
I stopped, turned to face her, and put my hand over her mouth, I said,
"ssshhh.. no more words."
She half giggled and rolled her eyes. We kept walking and I heard music coming from the boys cabin we were going to spy on. I think I expected some sort of heavy metal or rap music, but it sounded like one of those really deep twenty one pilots songs. Which I found Kind if Funny. We got closer and I could here the three boys voices singing along loudly.
Libra turned red and slowed down hearing the voice of the guy she was probably crushing on, I grabbed her arm and kept walking. As we got closer and closer to the dorm I heard one of the guys voices that almost sounded familiar. It was soft and his voice hadn't dropped yet. I was just questioning life like I know this voice. Where do I know it from. I FRICKING do know that voice!
We got to the dorm and I must have confused Libra by bolting to the window without saying anything, but I had to know where that voice was coming from, or rather, who. I looked in the window and saw three boys.
One was on his knees air guitaring to the music, I recognized him as the guy that had talked to Libra earlier. On the old couch in the middle of the room there was another boy. He was also blonde but his hair was lighter and he was wearing a sweater chest as he faked to twerk on the couch. Then I Saw the boy the voice I had heard had been coming from.He had light bluehair and tantalizing eyes. He was standing on a chair with a hairbrush microphone singing 'ride' by twenty one pilots.
But I remembered him from somewhere and I knew the second I saw his face. I was overcome by flash backs. If had been fourth grade. I must have been nine one ten but I remember it so clearly. I was kind of a nervous kid but when he moved to my elementary school everything turned around. I talked to him every day and always privately requested to sit by him. As you can imagine. I had a huge crush on him, Like huge. If I had a dollar for every time I thought about him I could have another twelve horses and probably a cat. I would tease him and he did the same. It was wonderful. One day in 5th grade I was at his table. We were laughing but he seemed a little off today. My teacher had said to pause our work because one of the students had an announcement. My crush stood up and walked to the front of the class and said, " um, hi. I'm Aquarius or aqua as you all know and I am sorry to say I will be moving and changing schools," my heart shattered, " but the is one person who made my stay here better. I would not be the person I am now without you Aries. I have prepared a song for you Aries, as a going away present, I hope you like it," I blushed profusely as he began to strum on a guitar he was given, "This one's for you Aries! Aries, With your face like an angel and your humor like the devil you've knocked me off my feet again. Your hair makes me weak, My laugh makes me cry. and every day, yes everyday, I have loved you." the song went on like that for a bit but I had started crying towards the end and I hugged him tight before he got in the bus that went to our school the last time. I had blocked out that memory but now it was all coming back to me.
I backed away from the window and pressed my back to the cold wall of the wooden dorm and slid my back down until I was seated with my knees tucked close to me. I buried my face in my hands and began to cry. Libra ran to me. She put her arm around me and tried to calm me down. But I was experiencing a flood of emotions. He had broke my heart when he left and I now I would be forced to see him in a school of twelve. I ended up telling Libra everything and which one he was. She pond her head through the window to try and get a glimpse of him when she grabbed my hand and pulled me into a run back to our dorm.
"crud he saw me!" she said as we ran.
"WHAT?!" I screamed at her in the night as we were booking it across the grass.
" I made eye contact with Leo and I just stood there for a second before running away."
We frantically opened the door to our dorm and collapsed on the couch. Saggi wasn't home yet. We looked at each other for a second then began to laugh hysterically. Libra said between laughs, " we...huhu, are soo-oo-o, HA, stupid!"
" I know right!"
After we calmed down, Libra tried to help me analyze the situation the only way she knew how, through musical theater, " So Aries, girl, putting this in Hamilton terms. Do you think you are more burn about it, like wtf I don't want to see you why would you just leave and ruin everything you bloody ruined everything. Or are you all helpless and like OMG you are the one let's get married. Like pick a Phillipa Soo song."
Her hidden don't side made me laugh and I wiped tears of laughter, wondering how I went from tears as a result of negative feelings to tears of positive feelings in about ten minutes. I just told her the truth and that I honestly didn't know.
Suddenly Saggj burst in panting. We exchanged stories. We told each other everything and laughed and sighed the whole way through. We eventually went to bed, dressing seeing the boys tomorrow.

Hey guys! I knew to write a highschool story it had to have heavy romance drama. The thing is, I have never written romance before and I feel like its bad, is it bad? I don't know hoe you write romance but I do my best for you! bye guys love you!

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