First impressions. chapter one.

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Leo pov

I approached the undeniably huge school that would be my home for the rest of the year, my usual confidence wavered. I had never been to a boarding school. And this school was fancy too, made of brick and touring high above the trees. Which was weird considering there would only be twelve students. But I hugged my parents goodbye and walked into the school, mustering all my confidence to try and look cool.
I walked in through the wide front doors and was greeted by a woman who was probably in her late fifties and had a comforting smile to her. like a grandma. Her brown hair streaked with white was tied up in a bun. She wore a crème colored fairly standard dress with a galaxy patterned shawl over it.
"You must be Leo, welcome to zodiac high! My name is miss star." the woman said grabbing my arm, " why don't I show you to your classroom."
We walked through the maze of a school and, seeing no other kids in the halls, I asked,
"Am I early?"
"Actually dear, you're quite late." she replied as she pushed open a heavy wood door that looked straight out of Hogwarts. The lady gave me a gentle shove into the classroom before closing the door behind me and leaving.
I looked as around the classroom, the other eleven kids were already there and socializing. Towards the back on the classroom I saw two girls talking and getting to know each other easily, I wondered if they may be more than just friends, but you can't tell everything about a person from a glance across the room.
I spotted another group of people in the classroom, this one with two girls and one boy, the girl was glaring at the boys who were trying to see how many the boy could fit in his mouth while the other boy shoved more in.
There were two boys talking in the corner of the room. They both seemed a little uncomfortable in this group setting but seemed to have become fast friends do to that. They talked quietly and seemed perfectly content by themselves. not the most social butterflies of the group, but you do you I guess.
The last group and the loudest were in the middle of the room. Two of the girls were singing something loudly, I couldn't make it all out but I'm pretty sure the girl on the left shouted "BRAH! BRAH!" and then girl next to her, who had pink hair and looked like she had known the brown hair girl for a long time, pulled her down laughing. Across the table from them a girl with blonde hair and headphones with ram horns on them was laughing at them. She looked like she had met the other two there but had become friends with them easily. The three of the were beautiful, no questions asked. The one with pink hair noticed me staring Which resulted in her and the brown haired girl having a whispered conversation ending in brown
hair girl rolling her eyes and playfully shoving pink hair girl.
Just then the teacher came in and I had a seat next to a boy I hadn't noticed before. Black hair hung low over his eyes and the second I sat down I knew we weren't gonna be friends. The boy glanced at me then looked away, refusing to acknowledge my presence. Me being couldn't help but be of funded band I was about to point this out to the boy but it was at that moment that the teacher started talking.
" Hello class and welcome to zodiac high. I am just gonna tell you about what's gonna happen her. The twelve of you will all have the same classes everyday. You will spend your weekends, and after school periods on school grounds but the time is yours. You will be sharing a room with two other people, I have the list here and be nice, ok? First of all we have Scorpio, pisces, and Virgo." The girl sitting with the two boys who must have been Virgo, approached the two girls sitting together, who must have been scorpio and pices. Pices invited her to sit by them and scorpio did too, reluctantly. The teacher continued, "we will also have a dorm with Sagittarius, Libra and Aries. Then the girl with the pink hair sang, "work! work! sagitarius!"
Brown hair girl stood up a and sung, " work! work! Libraaaa!"
The two girls laughed and looked at the third girl with blonde hair, who stood with them and belted, " and Aries!" The three laughed uncontrollably before sitting back down.The teacher looked at them, confused, before moving on,
" Any way uh, we also have Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius. The two boys who had been sitting with Virgo previously, looked around when there eyes landed on me. They walked over and introduced themselves to me. I wondered how They had known I was Leo. I sat down to talk to them while the teacher announced that there would also be a dorm with Capricorn, Cancer, and Taurus.
Gemini and Aquarius seemed pretty cool. soon we got talking about where we're from. I told them I was born and raised in the beautiful and polluted Los Angeles. Gemini had come from a small town in Michigan and Aqua was from Florida.
When the bell rang the twelve of us walled to the building that had our dorms together, Talking in little groups. I noticed the group Libra was in chatting and stealing glances at me. I tried not to laugh as Libra looked at me then quickly turned away, laughing and telling her friends to shut up. She was still talking to her group of friend n is when I tapped her on the back, jump scaring her. Her friends laughed at her and she turned around saying,
"oh, hi."
"I'm Leo." I said.
She grinned and giggled saying "I know!"
"what? how?"
"I did my research. I can tell you're a Leo by your social presence and your overwhelming confidence, no offense, also your hair reminds me of a Lion."
She tilted her head, not realizing she had just blown my mind. It took me a while to realize I was just standing there with a blank expression on my face. She just smiled politely and said,
"well bye!" and ran off with her friends to her new room.
"Wow, really smoothe." my friends mocked.

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