chapter 14: time to try to talk

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Sagittarius pov

" Alright we're all on the same page that we want to know more about these peeps so we're gonna split up to get information. I want Cancer and Scorpio to take Kace. Pices and Virgo, you will take Sage. Me and Capricorn will take Delilah. The rest of you can go live your lives and we'll report back to you. You guys can all hang out in my dorm! Ready, brake!"
"Wait I suddenly have five people coming over?!"
The group marched off and Libra speed walked to try to get ahead. "I have the key you bafoons. You can't get in without me!" And off the six marched.
I turned to Capricorn, "Alright let's find that girl." We spent like ten minutes just trying to find Delilah, finally we found her hanging out in the music room. Her fingers were dancing elegantly across the ivory keys of the piano. I had never heard whatever she was playing before. She had her back to us and it looked like she had written the music herself too. She wasn't singing but there were lyrics to the music she had probably wrote herself too. They were deep and kind of sad but they were just... wow. Then of course, Capricorn ruined it.
"Wow, did you write this. Let me tell you, if you want someone to talk about music with you none of the idiots here know anything about lyricism."
"Oh my God you scared me! What are you even doing here I thought I was alone. Can you just, go."
I hesitated not sure what to say, "I don't think we properly met. My name is Sagittarius or Sagi and this is Capricorn or Cap."
She glared at me, "wow how interesting," her voice told me she didn't find what I said interesting, "look, I have my friends, you have yours. Can you go."
Capricorn muttered, "well I mean you have two that's not very much..."
I stomped on his foot, "shut up" I said under my breath.
"So, Delilah...can I call you Deli? Great!"
Her glare was not softening and TBH I was a little scared. That's when I made a decision. The plan had already been to make them come out with us this weekend so I would just have to change direction a bit. I swapped out my previous weird bubbly voice I was doing that some of the other zodiacs did a lot (cough Libra Cough) for a normal human voice. So I met her ice cold stare, and said,
"Look, Deli, sandwich, I didn't want new students but it's gonna be weird if we just don't acknowledge your guises presence. So you don't have to talk to us and always be hanging out with us, just come out with us tomorrow night."
She sighed, "fine, but I'm not gonna like it." Me and Cap cheered which she met with a piercing stare and we left, high-fiving as we exited the music room and I heard her fingers start to hit the keys again and Maybe her voice singing her song ever so softly.

pices pov

"I think we got the easy one." I whispered to Virgo as we sauntered down the corridor. She laughed light heartedly as we searched the school for Sage. Turns out she was tucked away in a pillowed corner of the library. She was reading one of the Harry Potter books and as she held the book in one hand she twirled her hair with the fingers on the other side.
I hadn't spent very much time there but the Library was beautiful. Tall shelves lined the circular room which had an arched ceiling that was so tall you could barely make it out. The designed on the floor swirled beneath us as we approached Sage. She must have heard us coming because she looked up from the book she was burIed in and saw both of us standing there awkwardly.
"um," she said, "Can I help you?" she didn't sound sarcastic or mad, just confused. I looked at Virgo expecting her to answer but she just broke into stutters, " I-uh, do you... this weekend... it'll um wow I... Pices your turn!"
She backed away from where she was standing so I was in front of her and I hesitantly began to actually speak words, "Hey, sage right?" she nodded, "Well I'm Pices, this is Virgo and we've been coming to this school since the beginning of the school year and-"
"And you don't want me and my friends here because it disturbs whatever peace hour were trying to achieve."
" No! well, yes but tests not what I meant.."
She smiled politely but the feeling between us in the air made me feel like she wanted to slap me. I really wasn't getting anywhere with this girl but to be fair I've never been the biggest social butterfly. We all, I think, have our own little nervous twitch. Mine is repeatedly running my hands through my hair until I look like a tornado just blasted through my town.
Suddenly Virgo steppes in front of me, the earth sign was wiping her sweaty palms on her jeans and refused to make eye contact with Sage as she talked.
"Me, Virgo, and the other ten zodiac students are going to go out this weekend, (tomorrow night to be exact) and we want to get to know you and your friends so we would love it if you could join us for that." Virgo eyes lingered off of her shoes and finally met Sage's eyes. Sage smiled, "I'd love to,"
" great" spat Virgo, how long had she been blushing like that? A silence stretched between the three of us and Virgo grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the library, I'm pretty sure Sage had just gone back to reading her book.
Virgo was still staring at her shoes when we entered the hallway.
"you like her!" I whispered. Virgos eyes widened but she tried to cover it up,
" what are you talking about?"
" admit it Virgo you've become smitten with her,"
Her cheeks were as red as a tomato, "Lets just.. go find the others."

someone asked for Taurus and Sagittarius art so here it is

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speaking of art check out my art book I just made if you can just take a second to go to my profile and check it out that would be great

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