Sneaking out. Ch. 2

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Sagittarius pov

   Panting, I had tried almost too hard to beat Aries and Libra to our dorm. Libra and Aries caught up with quick. While Aries tried to use a key, I noticed Libra stealing sideways glances at the group of boys. I told her,
   " you know, you didn't tell that boy the whole truth."
   "Who? Leo? About what?" She asked,
    I mocked libras voice saying, " hey I'm Libra, I did my research and that's why I know who you are. Not because I internet stalked the other zodiacs, especially you."
   She drew her eyes away from Leo and looked my straight in the eyes, saying sarcastically, "what are you implying?"
  "Nothing.." I smirked as she glared at me. She was about to argue with me but just then behind me Aries shouted,
   " I got it! Finally.." She swung the door open and the three of us walked in. It was cozy inside, we had a TV, a couch, a bathroom, and THANK GOD! We all have our own bedrooms.
    It was about seven because it had taken so long to get here and the school wanted us to stay in our dorms for the rest of the night so we could get cozy. But by ten none of us were tired and we were bored out of our MINDS! Aries sat up abruptly, getting temporarily blinded by her blonde locks swinging in her face.
   "We should go spy on the other dorms."
   The dorms were kind of like cabins, They were each pretty close together our dorm was located in between one of the boys cabin and another girl cabin. The second girl cabin was kind of on the edge of the string of dorms and the second boys dorm was on the other side of the dorm we were next to. Just to clarify.
   "Come on pleeassssse," Aries begged,"It'll be fun!"
"alright, why not!" Libra agreed. They both looked at me hopefully and I said, "let's do it!" They cheered and we began to unlock the door to our dorm.
     We decided to sneak to the nearest dorm with boys. We noticed on the front door that it said "Taurus, Capricorn, and Cancer. Please knock." 
   I hadn't met these three boys yet the three we head encountered earlier were in the other dorm. The only reason we had bumped into the three boys was Libra was caught by surprise and her defense move was to pretend like she was Hermione. Whatever it's fine.
   It was then that Aries whispered to us, "so... what do we do now?"
  I just whispered , " I don't know we didn't exactly plan this out?!"
   Libra cut in with the same whisper shouting voice, " well we can't just stand outside their dorm! Guys that's so creepy!"
     Soon we were all whisper yelling at each other when I finally said, "I'm gonna go back behind this house and you two can go to the other boy dorm." They nodded and we split up. I creeped to the back of the dorm, thinking this is weird but whatever. I saw an open window and my first thought was, how crazy would it be if I snuck in? So I pulled out my phone and started recording so I could gloat to Libra and Aries. I swung my leg over the window sill, quietly cursing skinny jeans. I flopped a little more loudly than I had hoped onto the floor of what looked like a bedroom.
  It was kind of messy, with clothes on the floor and I noticed there was a somewhat fat looking ferret scuffling around in a cage in the side of the room. Suddenly I felt like a crazy person! What was I doing! I had to get out of here. I looked out the window and was surprised to see three girls I hadn't yet met crowding the yard not far from the window. They would definitely see me and definitely tell someone. I got a little panicky before deciding to try to sneak to the front door.
   I entered a hallway and walked as quietly as possible. I suddenly heard laughing then someone walking towards the hallway I was standing in. I was freaking out I ran to the nearest room to look for a place to hide and lucky me, I found myself in the bathroom. The footsteps were getting closer so I decided to jump into the shower and close the curtain. I stood there until a few seconds later when I heard the open then close of the bathroom door, the unzip of a zipper, then a subtle psssssssss, I help my breath 'till I heard the rezip of a zipper and sighed with belief. Audibly. Out loud. I actually sighed loudly when this guy I didn't know was still in the bathroom, saggi what are you doing!
    I couldn't do anything. The deed had been done. I just stood there awkwardly as a guy with dark hair and a really nice face, very nice....ANYWAY, I screened out loud and tried to run out of their. I ended up tripping over the edge of the shower and slipping. Without looking at the cute boy again I fumbled back up and began booking it for the door.
   I ran as fast and as hard as I can when I felt a hand grab my arm. I turned around to see the same dark haired boy smiling at me.
   "I'm Taurus,"
   And with that I left the building and started booking it back to my dorm. Panting, I opened the door and slammed it shut behind me. I saw my roommates conversing quietly and when they saw me they stood up and said, " we have a story to tell."

A/N: hey guys! It's Me! I updated so you like it? No Hamilton references in this chapter, how crazy?? How was your saint patricks day? Mine was weird! 👍

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