Chapter 10

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"Hey mom"

"Hey Sweetie."

"Look mom. If you don't let me live with Hayes because of this, it wasn't his fau-" Then I got cut off by her saying, "Julia I know it wasn't his fault. He explained it to me and Gina. Also Gina and have decided to let you and Trinity live with them!"

"Really?!?!?! OMG!! Does Trin know?"

"Yes. we told her before I came in here. I'll go get her so y'all can talk."

"Mom I love you!"

"I love you too" Then we hugged and she went to go get Trinity.

(T- Trinity J- Julia just to make it easier for me!)

T- Julia! I was so worried!!

J- Why? I'm ok!

T- I was worried I wouldn't get to talk to you again. she is now crying.

J- Trinity! Don't you ever say that! I would never leave you! (that first part of the sentence reminded me of Wreaking Ball! Does it to anyone else? no..ok!) Then we hugged for like ever.

  Then the doctor walked in, took out my IVs and told me I could leave whenever I was ready. I packed everything and Elizabeth said all the guy and Tessa went home. It was pretty quiet on the way home.

   We got home and Elizabeth announced that Trinity and I were going to be living with them! Hayes was smiling at me. We all are pizza and Tessa, Trinity and I became really good friends. We all watched Frozen because who doesn't love  that movie?! After the movie I got ready for bed. Hayes told me good night. Before I went to sleep I realized that today was Friday and we go back home on Sunday to pack our stuff. We would be in Louisiana for two days. I finally went to sleep.


  Hayes don't leave me! I love you!  "Sorry Julia. I was just using you to get back with Kathryn. I can't believe you actually bought it. Did you really think I would date a fan?" he said laughing. I was crying and then whispered so no one could hear me "why did I love him?" Then I ran to Matthew and cried.


  I woke up crying in disbelief and checked my phone to see what time it was. It was 2:32 a.m. I was thirsty so I quietly went downstairs to get some water. When I got down there Hayes was there. I tried to wipe away the tears but they kept coming and he saw me. "What's wrong?" he asked me wiping away my tears. "I h-had a ni-nightmare.." I said trying to stop crying. "You want to talk about it?" he said now getting me some water. "Yeah. I guess." we went outside and sat on the trampoline. "It was about you leaving my for Kathryn. and you said you would never date a fan. and that you didn't actually love me." "Julia, I will always love you!" he pulled me in for a hug and started to kiss my lips. His lips were soft and gentle. I pulled away because I had to yawn. We laid on the trampoline and I started to drift to sleep. So Hayes picked me up and carried me up to my room. He tucked me in, then kissed my forehead and whispered, "Goodnight beautiful. I love you." I whispered" I love you too." but so quietly I could barely hear it.


    My alarm went of at 4:40 a.m. I got out of bed and got on my sweat pants and a loose kool-aid shirt. I washed my face and brushed my teeth and hair. I also put my hair in a messy bun. Then I packed my carry on bag. I put my laptop, kindle, a notepad, some pens and pencils, magazines, Allegiant, ( A/N out of the Divergent series!) All the chargers and my phone. After Trinity was out of the bathroom, I got my toiletries bag and put my hair and dental stuff in it. Then I put all my makeup in my makeup bag and put the makeup bag in my toiletries bag. I put on my gray Toms. I walked downstairs with my phone in my hand to get something to eat. I wanted a smoothie. While I was making my strawberry smoothie Aaron walked into the kitchen. I don't really know Aaron that well.. "Hey girl! watcha doing? " he said "HAHA! hey and making a strawberry smoothie. want some?" "sure!" He said taking a set at the bar. I poured to cups and then my phone lit up. I got a text from my mom saying "the flight has been delayed until 8:30.." Ugh I got up at 4:40 for nothing!! I tried to make conversation with him so I said, "So.. when are you going back to Louisiana?" "I think when school starts again. Have you always lived in Louisiana?" He asked drinking his smoothie.

"Yeah have you?"

"Yep! Where in Louisiana do you live? Monroe?"

"No Ruston."

"That's cool! Have you always lived in Ruston?"

"Yeppers! ever since '01.."

"Haha! do you ever come to Shreveport?"

"Yeah, actually my cousins live there!"

"That's cool what's your Aunt and Uncle's names? I may know them."

"My aunt's name is Molly and my uncle's name is Chris."

"Is their last name French?"

"uh yeah.. how'd you know that?"

"They live right down the road from me! I play basketball baseball football and soccer with your little cousin Carson all the time in the park. He has a lot of energy!"

"oh my gosh! really my aunt knows I love y'all I wonder why she never let me meet you?"

"I don't know but Carson always talks about you and staying at your grandparents house."

"Yeah we have lots of memories there!"


   I get up and put my cup in the sink. Trinity comes down and gets a banana and tells me that we are leaving in 2 hours I hug Aaron and go up stairs. I go get my bags and pack Nash's car it's only 5:45. So I go onto Netflix and watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars. After I get done with that episode Hayes comes down and gives me a hug. He lets go and says, "We are about to go" I nod and stand up. Nash, the guys and Tessa come down. I hug all of them and tell Matt and Tessa I'll text them when our plane takes off. Tessa and I have become like best friends. Hayes and Jon come with us to the airport.

  We got to the airport splitter early so Hayes and I just talked and the the intercom said flight 137 Monroe Louisiana boarding... I got up and Hayes placed his hands on my waist and I put mine on his shoulders. "I love you Julia. See you in two days." Before I could say anything he placed his lips on mine. I pulled away, I didn't want to but I had to, because I needed to get on the plane. "I love you too. I'll text you when my plane takes off!" He hugged me and I went to my plane.

   I got on the plane and we had to wait 30 minutes before we took off. I pulled out my book and read. Then we took off. Once the flight attendant said we could turn on our electronics. I texted Hayes I miss you already!! :( I texted Tessa Hey girl!! and I texted Matthew Hey man I haven't seen you in forever... well since this morning! haha!! love you!

Hayes quickly replied back I miss you more can't wait until Wednesday!!

Matthew texted back ikr!! We should really hang out sometime!! love you too!

Tessa and I had a regular conversation.

                   ****SKIP THE REST OF BORING PLANE RIDE!!!!****

When we got back to Louisiana. Our friends, Mackenzie who we call Mack, Halie and Magally wanted to meet us at Starbucks..

"JULIA!! TRIN!!" they screamed at us when they saw us. "Guys we need to tell you something..." I said.

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