Chapter 25

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Also known as moving day..

I woke up remembering what this day was. Moving Day.. I got up slowly and got into the shower. All I could think was Is Hayes mad at me? Can we still be friends? I need to talk to him. I was done in the shower. I left my glasses on because I was just going home.Then I looked in the mirror at my red puffy eyes. I sighed and then brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. I put my hair up in a messy bun and got dressed. I put on my athletic shorts and my Cameron Dallas hoodie. I need to go talk to Hayes.

I walked down the hallway and knocked on the door. He opened it and I looked at him, his eyes were red and puffy as well. He pulled me in his room and shut the door. I sat on his warm, soft bed and he sat next to me. "Hayes, I still love you, but I just can't have a long distance relationship." I said with tears coming out of my eyes.

"Why not Julia?" He asked looking straight into my eyes.

"Because Hayes, I'm just not ready! I can't go on missing you for long periods on times. I missed you when I was at my house, and I was there for like only three days. Imagine how hard it would be for months at a time."

"I just want you to know that I will always love you. And when you are ready, give me a call. if we don't ever get back together, I will always think of you. On every homecoming, dance, and date. Hell, I'll even think of you every time I see a girl. Just never forget about me. Okay?" As he said that I was drowning in tears.

"Hayes I'll never forget about you. You were my first kiss and my first real boyfriend. I'll love you too. Forever and always." He hugged me and I hugged back. We stayed that way for about five minutes. I let go because Nash walked in.

"Oh sorry, did I ruin something?" he said scratching the back of his neck. "No I was just leaving. Bye guys." I said and got up. "Wait, do you need any help?" Hayes said. "uhh if you don't mind..." I said rubbing my arm. "I'll help too." Nash said.

We all walked to my room and my phone started to vibrate. It was my mom. Hey Julia!! We will be there in about 30 minutes.. xoxo! Huh thought Trinity's Mom had to work today?... oh well I guess I'll find out when she gets here..

They started helping me take the boxes downstairs. About fifteen minutes later we finished and I made us all a strawberry smoothie. We were just talking and I was telling them about Louisiana when there was a knock on the door. Hayes opened it and I saw someone that I didn't expect to see standing beside my Mom. I jumped into his arms and gave him a huge hug.


Hey hey hey! so I literally cried writing Chapter 47 and 48... Well who do you think came to the door with her mom??? Either the next chapter or the next one after that will be the end of this book!

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