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A/N I know it's kinda boring right now.. but it will get better! I promise!! ~Julia
p.s. if you haven't listened to Flights or Distance by Jack and Jack go listen to it! they are amazing!

    It was the next morning and I didn't have school because of a tornado warning. I woke up at about 7:30 and looked at my phone. I got a text from a number I didn't know. Unknown number- Hey Julia! It's Hayes.. Nash told me a lot about you! btw, please don't give this number out! Me- OMG! This is the best day ever! And Ok! Hayes- Here's a pic of me for the I.D. address. Me- Ok! here's one for you.. Hayes- Dang your cute!! Me- Awe Thanks your not bad yourself! Hahaha.. *it was about 8:00 and I still haven't gotten in the shower or ate breakfast yet* Me- Hayes, I got to eat and take a shower. I'll text you at around  9:15? Hayes- Ok Beautiful!

*around 9:15* Hayes- Hey cutie! You don yet?? Me- Yeah. I was just about to text you!! Hayes- Where do you live? Nash never told me... Me- Louisiana!! Hayes- Man! that's a long ways from North Carolina! Me- IKR!! Hayes- hahaha.. do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions? Me- uhh sure.. Ask away! :) Hayes- Ok if I sent you airplane tickets to come to North Carolina, would you come? and how many tickets do you need? Me- I would Love to come but I need to make sure it's ok with my mom...and like 2? Hayes- Ok who would you take? Me- My friend Trinity. Hayes- Ok I'll send you the tickets! Me- Wait!! I'm coming to visit? Hayes- Yeah Babe! Me- did you really just call me babe? Hayes- Uh..yeah....Sorry.. Me- NO it's fine!

    *Spring Break!!*  Hayes and I have been talking nonstop since he sent me the tickets and today I would finally meet him!! *also I'm on my to Trinity's house! Then to the airport!! Trinity- Hey Julia! I can't wait to meet Hayes!! Me- me either!! Gina(Trinity's mom)- Ok girls! settle down, we're almost to the airport! Misty (my mom)- Julia, call me when you get to Hayes' house! Me- Ok. Gina- Trinity, you too! Trinity- Ok mom! Me- yay!! we're at the airport!! Trinity you want to take a selfie? Trinity- Yeah girl! (#duckface haha I'm so weird.. oh well..) Me- SELFIE!! Then I posted it on instagram and went through security.. so I decided to text Hayes. *texting Hayes*

  Me-Hey boo! where about to get on the plane.. Hayes- Hey Julia how long until I get to see you beautiful face? Me- about 3 and a half hours.. and I'm not just beautiful! I'm drop dead gorgeous! lol NOT!! Hands-Ok! and yes you are!! see you later bye! call Nash when you get off..<3 Then I got on the plane and me and Trinity watched Pitch Perfect and Frozen on my laptop. *3 and a half hours later.. * Me- I'm about to call Nash so he can come get us! Trinity- Ok! there's a Starbucks over there. Do you want something? Me- Yeah a large  Carmel Frapuccino with whipping cream! Trinity- Ok I'll be back in five minutes!!! Me- KK! *on the phone with Nash* Nash-Hey guh!! Me- Hey Nash! We just got off the plane and Trinity is getting us both some Starbucks! Nash-Ok we will be there in like 20 minutes! Me-Ok see you later!! Bye! Nash- Bye I'll call you when we get there!


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