Chapter 12

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     Hayes POV

  I got in Nash's car with Nash, Matt, and Cam. We started to follow my mom and then Nash said, "I got a call from Bart today and he said we are leaving for MAGCON May 10th!" "Wow really bro! We're are we going?" Matt asked. "Las Angeles baby!!" Nash said. Awesome, but what about Julia and Trinity?" I asked. "Don't worry Hayes! I talked to Bart and he said Julia, Trinity, and Jon could come!" He said. "Awesome!! Just don't say ANYTHING to them about it cause I want to tell Jon about it first so we can both tell them!" They nodded and a few minutes later we arrived at IKEA.

    Julia POV

      We arrived at IKEA. My mom and Nash were right behind us. We walked inside and Trinity and I went straight to the beds. I found a cute white, full-size bed with a matching bedside table. Trinity found a brown, wooden full-size bed with a matching bedside table. Then we got some matching furniture.(Makeup vanity, dresser, etc..) We checked out and we thanked Elizabeth so much. Then we went home and my mom and Gina were heading home.


       Hayes helped me arrange my room and we took a break. We went to the kitchen and I made 2 chocolate milkshakes, while we were drinking them he asked,



"Well, Magcon is coming up and I want you to come with me."

"Hayes! Of course I'll come with you! Is Trin coming?"

"Yeah, Her and Jon!"

" When is it?"

"May 10th.."

"OMG! That's Saturday! I need to start packing!!"


    We finished our milkshakes and went upstairs. "Oh and Hayes? Where are we going?" "Las Angeles, California!" he answered. I got so excited. I've always wanted to go to California, and the fact that I get to go with my Best friend, boyfriend, my brother and pretty much my "family" (the boys) is awesome!! I went in my room and started to pack!

**leaving for Magcon!!**

   I woke up at 6:45 and went to Hayes room to wake him up. He was asleep and must have been dreaming. "I'll miss you Julia! Always remember I love you!" he said talking in his dream. I leaned over and whispered in his ear "I love you too! Now get up!!" He shot up and screamed. I was laying on his bed laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe! "Julia, I love you more than anything, really!" He said hugging me. "Awe babe. I love you too!" I said pecking his lips and said, But we really need to get ready..." He hugged me again and said, "Okay, wear something comfortable! It's eight hours on the plane!" I got up and went in the bathroom I brushed my hair and put it in a french braid and washed my face. I decided to keep on my glasses I put a blue beanie on over my hair. Then went in my room to get ready. I put on my Nashty t-shirt Nash got me and some black athletic shorts. I packed my carry on and my last-minute bathroom necessities. I got all my bags ready and went downstairs. Skylynn was down there with Nash. She jumped out of Nash's lap and ran to me. I put down my bags and she jumped into my arms. "I'll miss you sweet girl." I said hugging her. She hugged me tighter and said, I'll miss you too!" I put her down and made some oatmeal. I quickly ate it and everyone was ready. We packed the car and all got in.

   Our plane didn't take of until 9:30. It was 9:00 so Hayes, Nash, Jon, Trinity, and I went to Starbucks. We got done and went through security. Our plane was called. We all said our goodbyes and got on the plane. I watched Frozen with Hayes. Then watched Mean Girls on Netflix. I fell asleep on Hayes shoulder.

    I woke up and we had about an hour left on the plane so I played on my phone. Hayes was asleep on my shoulder. So I took a selfie with him on my shoulder and sent it to Trinity. She looked at me and cracked up. I got a text from Matthew.

our conversation...

Da Bro! <3     Hey when do y'all land?

about an hour..

Da Bro! <3     lucky I land in 2 and a half..



  Then we talked about random stuff and sent weird selfie to each other. The flight attendant said we needed to put all electronic devices up because we would be landing in 10 minutes. So I told Matt I had to go and turned of all my devices.. I woke up Hayes and told him that we were going to land in 10 minutes.

   We finally landed and wait for the rest of the family to get here...



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