Chapter 24

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  I face timed Matt and told him what I just did. I felt horrible. Matt assured me it was for the best. I told him good night because we literally talked for 6 hours. I called my mom and told her and she agreed. She didn't want me going through telling Elizabeth so she would Skype her tomorrow and explain everything. She was going to pick me up Monday. Today was Friday. So I took along shower and got in bed, without eating anything because I felt too bad.

   I woke up the next day and got boxes from the basement to start packing. I felt really bad because Elizabeth spent all that money on me for my room. 

  Half way through packing there was a light knock on my door. "come in" I whispered. it was Elizabeth. "I just got off of Skype with your mom. and I understand completely!" she hugged me and said "that must have been really hard for you?" I nodded and began to cry in her arms.

  After I finally stopped crying she left and Trinity came in my room. "I heard." She sat on my bed with me and hugged me. She was such a great friend. Hayes knocked on my door. "Come on goff ball" I smiled patting a spot next to me. I hugged him not wanting to let go. "I leave Monday.." I told him.

"I know, my mom told me.. You know I will still love you right?"

"Hayes don't do this to me."

  Before I knew it I was crying again. It was 12 and I haven't eaten all day so I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich.

   Matthew texted me I have a surprise for you on Monday!!

  I was confused.

  So I texted back Umm ok........


ugh!! Should I write a sequel?? I'm so sad at this ending... Hope you like it though!?! Stay Beautiful!! XOXOX~Julia


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