Complicated | Cameron Dallas by camawendallas
Complicated | Cameron Dallasby anxiety
Brooklyn May and Cameron Dallas. High school sweethearts. But that was 4 years ago, and now, Broklyn finds herself single with Cameron's 3 year old son. It's just compli...
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REPUTATION. ( jack gilinsky ) by -itsolivia-
REPUTATION. ( jack gilinsky )by olivia ;)
"all you care about is your stupid reputation."
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Slut ; H.G. by 7hayes
Slut ; H.G.by Mightdeletethisapp
"I just love you" "No, you're just a slut!" •Hayes Grier fanfictoin •Old magcon fanfictoin •Little sister
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Craving You|| Charles Gitnick by gitnicksbubbles
Craving You|| Charles Gitnickby gitnicksbubbles
I started out a fan, then their photographer, but will I ever be anything else and if I am, will anyone or anything get in my way, of the one person I truly love. Charle...
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Papi// C.d. ✅ by whatever68
Papi// C.d. ✅by Mendes22
Started// 11-14-2016 Completed// 7-27-2017
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Instagram //S.M.// by MaineCullen_28
Instagram //S.M.//by Charmaine
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Magcon Groupchat by hey_its_simone98
Magcon Groupchatby hey_its_simone98
What happens when this random girl gets added into a Magcon Groupchat? Will she just stay friends with all of them, or will she develop feelings for one? Read to find ou...
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Cameron's little sister ~OLD MAGCON~ by 98LxXw9xx
Cameron's little sister ~OLD MAGCO...by 98LxXw9xx
Lia Dallas. Cameron's little sister is 15 years old. One day Cameron decided to bring her on a MAGCON show. A lot of things happened there... Read to find out how her f...
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they changed me by _dolannation
they changed meby _dolannation
*re-editing*A 15 year old girl named Lizbeth gets bullied for 5 years now. She has 2 best friends,no boyfriend,her family left her,they called her a mistake. She gets...
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by CallingShawn
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby CallingShawn
Just some imagines of my Little Canadian Muffin Man :D
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Mercy; Shawn Mendes by ILLUMlNATE
Mercy; Shawn Mendesby 🌸S🌸
"Would you please have mercy on me? I'm a puppet on your string...." ••• I had to be smart and really think about it...
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Fallin' All In You; Shawn Mendes by ILLUMlNATE
Fallin' All In You; Shawn Mendesby 🌸S🌸
"There's no safety net that's underneath, I'm free fallin' all in you..." ••• Fate has a funny way of working, though t...
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Kidnapped by magcon | Wattys2018 by seliwn
Kidnapped by magcon | Wattys2018by Spooky
"I want to go home." "Sorry kitten, but you can't. We will always find you." ~•~•~•~•~•~ young teen Selina Ma...
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  • dolantwins
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Dirty Magcon Imagines by ElineEspinosa
Dirty Magcon Imaginesby ~•Eline•~
Yes i'm going to do this. No i'm not sure if we will survive.
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Mine ♡ Jack Johnson Instgram Story by NaniSaysHi
Mine ♡ Jack Johnson Instgram Storyby NaniSaysHi
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His Sister by InternallyInvisible
His Sisterby InternallyInvisible
The name's Skylar. Dallas. To answer your question yes. This is another fanfic about Cameron Dallas but before all the drama. But wasn't it better that way? So why are y...
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Instagram 2 ➸ J.G by -banoo-
Instagram 2 ➸ J.Gby — B a n o o
Sequel to Instagram ➸ J.G
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Jack Gilinsky's Little Sister (Hayes Grier Fan Fiction)  by KatherineRios887
Jack Gilinsky's Little Sister (Hay...by KatherineRios887
Meet Alexandra Gilinsky, she moved to LA about a year ago with her old brother and his team, read on to find out all about her new adventure.
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Jack and Jack Imagines by ChloeCreates
Jack and Jack Imaginesby Chloe
Imagines for people who want to imagine themselves in a relationship with Jack Johnson or Jack Gilinsky.
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The Bet //S•M by skylinemendes
The Bet //S•Mby K♡
"What? You want me to date her? For $50?" Shawn spat in disgust, turning his gaze to Kelsey who was standing by her locker with her friends. "That's what...
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