Chapter 19

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   I got woken up by Trinity this morning. "So where did he take you last night?" Trinity asked. I called Lexi and Mahogany in to tell them th whole story because I knew they would be asking. I told them every detail. "Well we better get ready. We have Q and A's today!" Mahogany said skipping to her room. I got in the shower and let the warm water hit my body for a good ten minutes, then I washed my hair and body, and shaved my legs. I got out and went to the closet that was in the room and got my tie die tank top that says Killin Em in  bold black letters. I paired that with some light wash denim shorts. I but on my black vans and put my hair in a high ponytail and started straightening it, because it was super puffy! Then I went to our little living room that we shared and texted Hayes, that I was ready. He replied with an ok and that he would bring me some Starbucks in the limo. He knows me so well!

   After about 5 minutes Mahogany came down and then a couple more minutes went by and Trinity and Lexi came out of there rooms. We all walked out the door and linked arms. We walked to the Jack's, Shawn, and Aaron's room because that's were the guys told Mahogany to meet them that morning. We knocked and I heard I'm guessing Connor say it was open. So we walked in and I saw the back of Hayes talking to Matt. I put my finger on my lips and tip toed over to him. Right as I was about to jump on his back he picked me up and put me on his shoulders. "            

   "What the heck Hayes! How did you know?" I asked laughing.

   "Well everyone got quiet and was looking at me and JC started cracking up." He said the last part looking at JC.

   "Walk over to JC please!" I asked because I was still on his shoulders.

  He walked over and I giggled because JC had to look up to me. I seriously felt so tall. I bent down and slapped JC. "That's for giving it away!" I said trying to keep a straight face. Everyone just laughed at JC's face. It was priceless.


   Hayes finally put me down. "I'm surprised I didn't break your shoulders! I'm really heavy." I said rubbing his shoulders. "You're not heavy at all!" he said looking me in my eyes. I swear every time he looks me in the eyes I get lost in his big blue-gray eyes. He kissed my forehead and gave me my Frapuccino. I hugged him and thanked him. Then we intertwined fingers and everyone walked to the limo.

    In the limo I in between Hayes and Kian. I got my phone out of my little wristlet and began looking on Twitter. I show Hayes the Tweets that said #JAYES or #JAYESforever. There were some hate comments saying that I don't deserve Hayes or to go away but I just ignored all of them and blocked the people that were really mean to me. I honestly don't get why people are so mean. Like you haven't even met me, Why don't you like me. If they were real fans of Hayes, they would support him and everything he does. Because I sure do. Kian could tell that I was getting hate so he hugged me and assured me that everything was going to be alright. I smiled and said, "It honestly doesn't bother me." He smiled and then looked at Matt. Matt texted me what was that about?

Me I was getting hate but assured me that everything is ok..

Matt Ok! and don't let those people get in your head.

   I looked at him and nodded. Then my phone vibrated and it was a unknown number...


Hey everybody!!!! Sorry this chapter is short but I kinda wanted to leave a cliffhanger... hahaha! I really love writing this book! but I'm ready to get it over with! Don't worry I will do a sequel!! and I want to do another fanfic!! But all my books are going to be Magcon fan fictions. I think I'm planning to go to like Chapter 50 or somewhere around there and then go to the sequel?? Tell me what y'all think. I NEED FEEDBACK!!!! Ok well I'm going to Write s'more chapters!! (get it s'more!! haha! I'm hungry...) ok but have an awesome day/night!!! Love y'all! Stay perfect! ~Julia

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