Chapter 8

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    *The next day*

Beep Beep Beep

 I turned off my alarm and it is 8:00 A.M. I get up and take a long shower and get ready for the day. I got a lime green crop top with white high waisted shorts and white sparkly flip flops. Then I checked my phone and I see that I got a text from my mom that said, Good morning! We are getting on the plane At 7:40 and we should land around 10!! see you soon!' I went in Hayes' room and said "Get up my mom and Trinity's mom will be at the airport in about a hour!!! He got up and said "Good Morning to you to" I laughed and said "Good morning! Now get ready! We have to meet my mom and Gina at the airport!" he walked do his dresser and started getting out his clothes then said, "ok! but if we have time you want to walk to Dunkins and get donuts?" "Yeah but we probably don't have time cause it's 8:21! oh crap! hurry up and ill go see if your mom is up!" I ran downstairs and saw Trinity

she looked sad. "What did Jon do?" I asked. "Nothing I'm just thinking about...What......What if they don't like the guys and Elizabeth??"She said looking down. "Trinity! They will love them! I promise!" I said placing my hand on her shoulder. Then Elizabeth said are y'all ready? We said yeah and I went upstairs and got Hayes and Jon. Then I told Nash that we would be back in about an hour. Matt said he wanted to come so he did and Nash said he and the guys would be ready!  Matt Hayes and I rode in his car and Trinity Jon and Elizabeth rode in Elizabeth's car!

   I could tell that Matthew was nervous. "Matthew, she's gonna love you!" He smiled and focused on the rode. On the way to the airport "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry came on and we were all singing as loud as we could it was hilarious! I got the whole thing on camera! Then we were at the airport! we got to the airport at 10:50. So me and Trinity went to Starbucks! Yeah I am obsessed with it!!


  I got a text from my mom and she was wondering where we were. We told here to meet us at the souvenir shop. When we got there I saw them and we yelled "MOM!" and ran over to hug them. "This must be Hayes! I'm Misty!" "Yep that's me!" he said. "Mama. There's someone I want you to meet." Matthew walked around the corner and my mom started crying and ran over to hug him. It was really sweet! I also introduced her to Elizabeth and Trinity introduced her to Jon. Trinity also introduced everyone to her mom. Then we left. I text Nash to tell him that we will be home soon! And he replied with a simple "oh tay!“ he was so weird!


   Ok I'm really sorry! that was super short! So what do you think Matt thinks about Julia's mom? LOVE y'all!! Stay Beautiful ~Julia


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